June 13, 2021

Local Teen Enjoys Lavish Hispanic Celebration

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(Lagrange, GA) — An upcoming Heard High School sophomore recently celebrated a birthday with her quinceañera, a lavish Hispanic celebration  designating a girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood.

Karina Diaz enjoyed the big celebration honoring her 15th birthday on June 14 at the Lafayette Inn in Lagrange. Karina is of Salvadorian descent and was born in Lagrange.

The huge party including over 170 guests and family members, was given to her by her parents, Mirian Acosta and Evin Diaz, Sr.

A quinceañera typically consists of several different parts and Karina’s was no different.

Some of the segments of the celebration included the family entrance, short speeches by both Karina and her dad, the shoe exchange, the presentation of Karina’s last doll, the cutting of the cake, and a brindis (toast) by her older brother Evin Diaz, Jr.

Another big part of the ceremony was the outfit. Often made of satin with lace overlays and rhinestone accents, quinceañera dresses, the visible centerpieces of these celebrations, mirror what Cinderella might’ve worn to her fairytale ball.

The floor-length gowns are traditionally white or pale pink, but the revived quinceañera culture accepts dresses in a rainbow of hues. Karina’s dress was bright red.

Normally the shoe exchange involves the changing of shoes form flats to heels, but in Karina’s case she changed from her soccer cleats to heels. Karina is an avid soccer player and also participates on the HHS Lady Braves tennis team.

Other than her family members, the main participants of the ceremony included Karina’s main chambelan, Cody Yeargan , her dama of honor, Hannah Heard, as well as other close friends Tyra Boyd, Yeison Diaz , Drew Harris and Lauren Talley.

In many Hispanic regions, it is a custom that the quinceañera receives her last doll from her father. The doll is usually made out of porcelain, but some quinceañeras also opt for Barbies or dolls that wear a replica of their own Quince gown. Karina’s doll indeed wore a replica of her Quince gown.

The presentation of the doll is a special father-daughter moment that represents a quinceañera’s transition into adulthood, leaving behind her toys to take on new roles, new interests in adult life, become independent, and assume responsibility.

Since she does not have a younger sister, Karina presented her last doll to her mother. She also received a large commemorative candle that she is to light every year on her birthday.

“It was a great experience,” said Diaz . “It is very exciting because now I won’t get treated like a kid anymore. It’s the most expensive birthday party I’ve ever had , but in the end it was all so worth it and a moment I will never forget.”

(Photos Courtesy of Khris Martin Photography Services)



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