December 1, 2020

Local teen races to first win at Senoia

Junior HHS student Tanner Collins scored his first big stock car win in the 602 charger series at Senoia Raceway on April 14 (Photo: Stephanie Hyatt)

(Franklin, GA) — A Heard High School athlete recently scored a different kind of win — a victory on the racetrack.

Junior baseball player Tanner Collins raced to his first stock car win in the Feature 602 Charger Series at Senoia Raceway on April 14.

The race was his first in the car and the series after competing and scoring top five finishes in a hobby car last year. Collins also raced go karts for several years as a younger teen.

Collins says winning the race was an awesome feeling especially because he and his family put so much time and effort into the car.

“It felt great after putting all the hard work into getting the car ready and then to go out there and get the win. Not many people understand it’s an every day and every night kinda thing — you have to be on top of it so when everything goes together and you get the win it’s just an amazing feeling,” said Collins.

The 18-year-old racer hopes to pursue a dirt track racing career after high school.

“My dream would be to race full-time in the super late-model division and run the World of Outlaws which is basically the Nascar series of dirt racing,” says Collins.

The young driver is thankful for all the support and efforts of his sponsors and family that allows him to be able to do what he loves.

“As far as getting the car ready I help with it a lot but I gotta give all the thanks to my step dad Ronnie McCullough for all the work because he puts in countless hours to make sure my car is not only 100% ready, but safe for me to drive every week,” says Collins. “If it wasn’t for my step dad putting his time and effort into it I probably wouldn’t be racing.”

Collins says he has also been blessed by several sponsors to help his race team this year including a local Heard County restaurant – Hometown Pizza. He also has many fans including a little cousin that hopes to follow in his footsteps sooner rather than later.

“My biggest fans would have to be my parents but besides them my 4-year-old cousin Becca has to be right up there — if you ask her she will say we are already teammates.”

Collins will be racing throughout the spring and summer at the Senoia Raceway. For more information and a racing schedule visit

Tanner Collins and his teammate/little cousin Becca after his first win at Senoia (Photo: Stephanie Hyatt)


  1. Good luck, Tanner! Wonderful to see a bright, determined young person with a dream.

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