January 17, 2022

Local Toddler Waiting for Transplant

3-year-old Malik Jones and his mom Phylecia Brown. Malik is in need of a rare transplant to save his life

3-year-old Malik Jones and his mom Phylecia Brown. Malik is in need of a rare transplant to save his life

(Franklin, GA) — 3-year-old Malik Jones of Franklin is at the top of child organ donor lists in both Pennsylvania and Ohio awaiting a liver and small intestine transplant.

Malik was born June 24, 2011 at Atlanta Medical Center at only 26 weeks, and two weeks after his birth he developed a hole in his small intestine and was rushed to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta.

In September of 2011, surgery was performed on little Malik and doctors found that it was worse than they originally suspected, and only nine centimeters of his small intestine could be saved.

This is when his parents, Phylecia Brown and Mike Jones, found out that Malik would need to have a small intestine transplant.

Today, Malik has a tube that runs through him that delivers nutrition called TPN (Total Parental Nutrition) to keep him nourished since he is unable to eat. This nutrition has been developed and implemented to help keep Malik alive, but this treatment also comes with its own consequences.

According to his mom, being on this kind of nutrition for three years has caused liver failure putting Malik in need of not just the small intestine, but a liver transplant as well.

Malik has to fly back and forth to Pennsylvania every two months for doctors appointments, because Georgia does not specialize in this type of transplant. He has been on the waiting list in Pennsylvania for two and a half years and in Cincinnati, Ohio for over one year.

Despite being at the top of his respective donor lists in both states, many obstacles still have to be overcome in order for Malik to get his transplant.

First of all, his blood type and other things have to be taken into consideration before a donor is actually chosen. Malik has already received five calls for organs but none of these have been a perfect match for him. His most recent call came just last month on September 9.

The most difficult mountain for Malik is that a living donor is not a possibility; therefore a baby or child must die in order for organs to be available.

Another obstacle Malik’s family faces is that once he is able to receive the transplant, many additional expenses will be incurred because both he and his mother will have to move to Pennsylvania for one year and possibly more until his recovery is complete.

Several fundraisers have been planned and Malik’s mom has set up a GoFundMe page this week in order to try and help meet their goal of raising the minimum $12,000 needed for living expenses, etc. while they are out of state. His father Mike is also planning a bike ride for his son in the near future.

For more information on how to donate and help save little Malik’s life, visit his GoFundMe page.




  1. Praying for this baby….and his mom and dad…bless his little heart

  2. Benefit for Malik Brown Dec 6 @3 pm in carrollton @hardy lavendar recreation center. Please come and support.

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