May 15, 2021

Local Vet Awarded Saint George Medallion

(Fort Benning, GA) — A local veteran with over 37 years of military service was recently awarded the Order of Saint George Silver Medallion by the USA Brotherhood Of Tankers (USABOT) and the United States Armor Association.

Mr. Dwight Cordell, a retired Lieutenant Colonel USAR, Armor Officer with the USABOT organization received the honor during a ceremony at Fort Benning on October 2, 2015.

Mr. Cordell has served with the United States Army, the National Guard, and the Army Reserves during his military tenure.

He has resided in the Franklin area with his wife Dianne for about 20 years. Cordell currently serves as the Adjutant of Heard County American Legion Post 148 and is also a former Commander of the post.

The Order of Saint George Medallion is the top award given to members of the Army’s mounted force by the United States Armor Association of the United States Army.

Dwight Cordell

Dwight Cordell

The award is issued (in increasing levels of prestige) as a black, bronze, silver, or gold medallion, depending on the recipient’s eligibility.

The United States Armor Association began its awards program in 1986. It’s named in honor of Saint George, who is the patron of mounted warriors and is often depicted on horseback.

Saint George was born in 280 AD in the region of Greece known as Cappadocia, where he was known as the Nestor of Cappadocia and was a member of the Roman Emperor’s mounted guard.

In 303 AD, the Emperor issued a decree to destroy all Christian churches and sacred writings while outlawing the Christian faith. The Nestor, a recent convert to the faith, tore down the written order and stood against the Emperor.

For his act of bravery and defiance, he was imprisoned, tortured, and finally executed. After word of his sacrifice spread, early Christians changed the Nestor’s name to Saint George, a saint that would symbolize bravery, dedication to faith and decency.

The Saint George Award program provides the mounted force with a way to recognize outstanding performers.

“I am very humbled to have received this prestigious award from the United States Armor Association,” said Cordell after the ceremony. “It is truly an honor to be counted among the group of great leaders that have received this medallion.”



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