November 27, 2020

Local Woman’s Father Confirmed to be Nigerian Kidnapping Victim

A local woman confirmed tonight that her father, a resident of Bowdon, Ga is indeed the victim of the kidnapping in Nigeria that gained worldwide attention Friday.

Reuters reports published through several national media outlets including the Huffington Post today said that Greg Ock, an employee of the Japanese company Marubeni Corporation, was leaving a bank when the assailants attacked and killed his police escort/driver and took Ock as a hostage.

Greg Ock

A $300K ransom was later demanded by the captors. The Niger Delta, heartland of Africa’s biggest oil and gas industry, is prone to bouts of violence and driven by militant factions.

Gangs use guns and speedboats to run criminal fiefdoms that profit from kidnapping and oil theft.

Militant activity decreased after an amnesty for several commanders in 2009, but the region remains volatile according to the article from the Huffington Post.



  1. I certainly will keep this story in my prayers. May God give comfort through the sit and wait situation here and keep her father safe in the arms of Jesus.

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