December 3, 2020

Manders steps down from Franklin City Council

(Franklin, GA) — A special election will be held in the city of Franklin during the November general election to replace Post 1 Council member Shane Manders who resigned from the position last week.

Franklin Mayor Joel Rogers read a letter of resignation from Manders who was not in attendance at Thursday’s regular monthly meeting of the Council.

Shane Manders

Shane Manders

The special election and qualifications will be officially advertised in September.

During the meeting, the council appointed Councilman Kevin Hayes as the Mayor Pro Tem, a position Manders currently held.

Manders has served on the council for six plus years after taking office in January of 2010.

In a statement to The Heard Citizen, Manders cited his recent move out of the city limits as the reason for his departure and encouraged others to seek the position.

“I’d like to thank the City of Franklin for all the training and experience I have gained over the years as a city councilman. I would suggest anyone that has an interest in the way the political system works should run for office. Politics at the city level are as close to the way the system we designed works as possible. At that level politics is designed to serve the people for one reason — for the love of the city and not money or power,” said Manders.

“If politics at the state and federal level were the same we would all live in a better world. So not only go out and vote, go out and get involved in what’s going on in YOUR city. If you don’t want to run for office at least go to the meetings to see how the elected officials represent you! As I am sure most of you know we have moved and are enjoying our time between Newnan and the beach. God bless you all and thanks for your support and votes in the past.”


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