August 7, 2020

Mona Awbrey Gamble Celebrates 90th Birthday

(Franklin) — Mona Awbrey Gamble had insisted her daughters, Dr. Georgia Evans, Joan Bradfield, and Deborah Gamble, not plan any celebration of her 90th birthday, other than the tradition of the family going to Red Lobster in Newnan.  As it turns out, the partying lasted a week.

A little bird had spread the word in the UDC — send cards to Mona, she’s 90 years old! And they did!

Then Georgia and Terry started four days before with breakfast and tour of the Lodge and area at Callaway Gardens; back to downtown LaGrange with window shopping and lunch in one of the upscale restaurants there.

Then they whisked Mona off to Hills and Dales, climbing three flights of stairs to view three floors. It was well worth the huffing and puffing. They finished with a frosty at Wendy’s.

 Sisters Norma Golden, Mona Gamble and Hollis Crockett celebrating Mona’s 90th Birthday

Sisters Norma Golden, Mona Gamble and Hollis Crockett celebrating Mona’s 90th Birthday

On “the day” Hollis and Mike show up at Mona’s house unexpected! Shortly Joan and Norma came which caused more surprise.

Joan had come from Marietta, through Cartersville to get Norma, then to LaGrange. They began to bring in boxes, suitcases and bedding. Mona was wondering what was going on, and to think if she had beds for everybody.

Now it was lunchtime. But, thankfully, Cracker Barrel took care of that and then they were off to Newnan for a show and a stop at YogliMobli yogurt shop. Back home they enjoyed a feast from food that was brought in earlier.

Joan worked hard setting up the equipment to view Norma’s collection of Mr. Bean videos. After some hearty laughing, everybody found a place to get some sleep. The next morning, I-Hop took over. That portion of the celebration came to end with Mona’s regular doctor’s appointment.

The final day was a family celebration at Red Lobster with more food, flowers, gifts and fellowship among family members.

The word spread in the neighborhood of a 90-year-old celebrating for days, which brought more calls and couple gifts. Mona asked for no 90th celebration, and got a week of it. A good time was had by all.


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