July 23, 2021

My First Tattoo

(Written by: Sarah Moore)

Here begins my story of my first tattoo….(:My Mum and I had decided to get matching tattoos for my birthday. No, Georgia has not changed the law for the age to be 16 instead of 18, I went to a shop in Alabama that my brother knew of.

I will not lie, I was absolutely nervous. This was my first tattoo, so I had no idea what it was going to be like sitting there under a needle and ink, with a bearded man leaning over you, nor did I know how it was going to feel. Was it going to be painful, or would it go numb like it did with my piercings?

I had so many thoughts jumbled in my head on how things could go horribly wrong, or even more horribly wrong. What if the tattoo didn’t come out right? What if he messed up? What if, what if, what if. It took the guy about an hour or so to draw up the tattoo, and then when he finally showed us, I absolutely loved it!The tattoo was going to cost $140 each, which was cheaper than we had expected.

I chose to put the tattoo, which was a mother and baby panda, with a bamboo heart around them, and the kanji symbols for “mother” and “daughter” above the pandas, on my right calf, while Mum chose to put hers on the sensitive part of her arm.

Crazy little me, then decided that I wanted to go first, I just wanted to get it out of the way! I was happy to find out that this tattoo shop had private rooms, so I wasn’t about to have to sit in front of strange people while I was getting my tattoo done.

I was also happy to see that the place was extremely clean and neat. You don’t see that many tattoo artists as clean as he was, which is a huge plus in my book. I managed to psyche myself out even more as I laid down waiting for him to get everything ready. My Mum and brother were in the room with me, both of which already had tattoos, so I was the only one clueless as to what to expect. He cleaned the spot on my leg, put the stencil on it, then told me he was going to do one line so I could see how it felt.

I knew once he did the line, I had to stick with it. I couldn’t just walk around with a black line on my leg, now could I? I was told that tattoos don’t hurt. You want to know what I have to say to that? Bologna!!! It hurt like CRAZY. Halfway through the outline, I posted on facebook a simple, “OW.” Which was all I could manage.

Of course, my Mum and brother found it amusing that I was in pain, haha. No, I didn’t cry, nor did I scream, yell, freak out, or any of that matter. I just laid there and gripped on to the lounge thing I was on like it was the only thing keeping me alive.

I called it my, “Life support.” Haha. I managed to make it out alive, while my Mum was basically falling asleep getting hers done. I am completely happy with the tattoo, and I know I will not regret it in the future. People like to judge when they see tattoos, but no, it doesn’t suddenly make me a horrible person because I have a tattoo.

It shows my personality and individuality even more. I don’t smoke, do drugs, or any thing like that, just because I have a tattoo. Now, jumping back to the pain part. Although it did hurt incredibly, I would NEVER let it discourage anyone from getting a tattoo. The pain is worth it, and plus, everyone takes pain differently. My Mum doesn’t even feel it, it hurt a ton for me, and my brother doesn’t really feel it either. Never be too scared to get one.

If you know for a fact that you want a tattoo, but you are unsure because you don’t know how it will feel, go for it. It’s the best feeling when you look at the finished result. Also, make sure you go to a shop that you, or someone else knows of.

You need to be picky when it comes to this. You want to check the shop out, make sure they are clean, get a look at the artist’s work, and judge it from there. I can’t stress how important that is. It was one of my main worries when I went to the shop, I didn’t know the shop, so I didn’t know what they were like.

Turned out, they were great. Another piece of advice, never, EVER, get something random and stupid. Get a tattoo that has meaning to you, or defines something for you. That way, there is less of a chance of you regretting the tatoo in the future.

I can tell you, the healing process after, totally had me paranoid. I kept freaking out, thinking it was fading because of the A&D ointment I was putting on it. All because I was told that it can fade the color out a little.

Why do people tell me these things, I don’t know. My Mum got even more entertainment out of it then. She kept telling me it was going to run a little and fade a little, and when I would panic and ask, “It’s not supposed to be doing that, is it!?” five seconds after she told me it was, she would then internally sigh and say, “You aren’t listening to me…”

I also had found out some facts I didn’t know about tattoos, such as, you aren’t supposed to be in the sun with them much, and you are to keep the tattoo moist at all times, and so forth. I can honestly say, after everything I went through, I still plan to suck it up and go get more.

I am not going to tattoo myself up, but I do want a couple of others. I have to say as my finishing words: I am proud to have a tattoo, and I always will be!  (:


  1. Congrats Sarah 😀 I have a little cross on the back of my leg me and my cousins did with needles and pen ink.. we were so stupid, but we all have small stuff on our legs from “back in the day” all i managed to get though, was about an inch tall cross xD it does indeed hurt like crazy haha!

  2. kim winzer says

    this was a wonderful story and very interesting to read, the way it was worded was awesome and amusing, I would like a small tiny tattoo some day , lol
    My mother collects butterflies so me and the girls decided that when my mother passes away , we would get butterfly tattoos to remember her by , my mom was disappointed when she realized that she wasn’t gonna be present to watch lol

  3. Thank you! I was worried about how I wrote it ..lol I’ve received a ton of compliments about it, so I am glad everyone enjoyed it!(: Have you thought about getting the tattoos before she passes? So she can see how they turn out? Or are you set on getting them when she passes? That is really sweet, by the way.

  4. Sara Horne says

    I love the tattoo and the thought you guys put into it. You must have a wonderful relationship with your mom and that is so sweet.

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