September 25, 2021

Mystery Solved

[russfb]My first few days on Facebook were very interesting indeed. In fact, I was so excited I think I only slept for two hours each night during my first week.

I was in compete and utter awe at this “new world.” There were so many things you could experience I was virtually overwhelmed or even better yet I was overwhelmed virtually.

I mean with just the click of my mouse I suddenly could potentially gain access to almost every person I had ever met in my whole life and I was ecstatic!

One of the first people I wanted to search out was an old girlfriend of mine. For the purposes of this post I will call her “Alice.”Let me first just tell you a little about Alice.

She was one of the most amazing people I have ever dated. We got along tremendously well from the very first time we met.

We just had a huge emotional connection and it was obvious from the start. It was unbelievable how quickly we became the best of friends.

She had impeccable taste in both food and film which both just so happened to be two of my most favorite things in the whole world.

We always got along great and we never argued even once about even the smallest thing. However, for some unknown reason we just did NOT have a lot of chemistry in the romance department.

It was such a huge mystery to me. How could we get along so well and things still not really work out? I just did not understand. 🙁

We ended up dating for a few months and then went our separate ways and eventually just lost contact.

Naturally, I wanted to find her because she was really one of the only old girlfriends that I had where the split was somewhat amicable. We parted on the best of terms.

Well thanks to the magic that is Facebook I typed her name in the little box and voilà her photo appeared. She did however at this point have a new third name so I thought that she must have gotten married.

I was so happy for her. After all we had been the best of friends and I was excited at the thought she had the found the perfect mate. I knew how important that was for her.

Of course, I was also eager to see this new beau and what he was like so once she had accepted my friend request I went to her profile pics and immediately found a wedding photo album.

I began scrambling through the photos one by one and saw lots of pictures of Alice and she looked so happy. I then saw lots of photos of Alice and her various bridesmaids most especially the maid of honor.

Finally,  I said to myself… “Why aren’t there any pictures of the groom?”… and the great mystery as to why things did not work out between Alice and I was finally solved… all thanks to the miracle that is Facebook… 🙂


  1. Patricia Bailey says

    Well written Russ.

  2. Okay, I had an Anna moment. It took me reading this twice before I got why you and Alice never worked out! lol I love the story and it was very well written. 🙂

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