October 22, 2021

Naval Sea Cadets Corps accepting new recruits for Spring and Summer 2019

(Franklin, GA) — The Pathfinder Excursion Squadron of Heard County has openings for a limited number of young men and women ages 10-18 to join our ranks.

Interviews will be held at the Heard County Middle School on 2 February and 16 Feb from 0900 to 1500.

Appointments are recommended and can be made by calling (901)230-8027 or (706)505-0923.

The USNSCC is composed of young people who have an interest in the military, seamanship, aviation, medical, technology, SCUBA, small arms and many more fun activities.

The NSCC program instills that sense of honor and duty, respect, commitment and courage that is often missing in today’s youth.

NSCC provides an environment where young people are taught to appreciate discipline, core values, hard work and team cooperation.

Cadets will wear Naval uniforms and comply with hair and grooming standards. Cadet applicants must have a drive to excel, be physically fit, and keep good grades.

Scholarships and appointments to a Service Academy are a strong possibility.

Adult volunteers, with or without military experience, are also needed. Former Scouts, 4H, fund-raising, or other youth organization experience is a plus. Those interested adults are encouraged to visit.

To schedule an appointment, contact Instructor Peter Ochabauer at (901)230-8027, or email ochabauer@comcast.net. For further information, visit www.seacadts.org or YouTube Sea Cadets.

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