December 1, 2020

New Company Aims to Eliminate Your Varmints and Critters

21131_131143307075821_1830255925_nAttention Heard, Carroll, Coweta, and Troup counties and surrounding areas! We would like to introduce you to a new business located in Franklin, Ga: Southpaw Wildlife Management, LLC.

Southpaw Wildlife Management, LLC is a licensed insured, and Georgia DNR permitted nuisance wildlife control company. We specialize in the safe, humane removal of wildlife such as bats, squirrels, opossum, raccoons, armadillos, snakes, etc. from your home or business. Owner, Brad Ogle, is a graduate of the University of Georgia with his degree in wildlife biology and has trapped and researched animals all over the country for the past 11 years. Southpaw was built with his passion for wildlife at the center of the company.

While the growth of cities and subdivisions displaces some wildlife, many species continue to live in the habitat available in our backyards. People and wildlife can coexist in most cases, however there are times when wildlife becomes a nuisance and conflict arises.

Wildlife may dig up our yards and gardens, take up residence in our attics, harbor and spread diseases such as rabies, salmonella, histoplasmosis, and leptospirosis to name a few, and cause major damage and hazards to our homes, sometimes going unseen. When wildlife populates a place where they are unwanted or cause damage to property, then they become a nuisance!

529240_131154260408059_736416244_nRemoving the nuisance animal(s) is just the first step. We also provide full home exclusion work to prevent wildlife from re-entering your attic, home, or place of business. Without this step of the process, there is a literal open door for new individual animals to take the place of any removed wildlife and the cycle will only continue.

Please contact Southpaw Wildlife Management, LLC via phone at (706) 296-6208, visit our website at, email at, or on Like us on Facebook for any of your nuisance wildlife removal needs. No job is too big or too small. Quotes are offered FREE OF CHARGE!

Thank you in advance for your business… Your referrals are the lifeline to our company!


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