December 2, 2020

New exhibits at Filling Station Museum

The 1932 Gulf Filling Station Museum in Downtown Franklin is open on Tuesday and Thursday

The 1932 Gulf Filling Station Museum in Downtown Franklin is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-5 PM (Photo: Times-Journal)

(Franklin, GA) — The 1932 Gulf Filling Station Museum in Franklin, open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-5 p.m. is now featuring some new exhibits and locally made items for sale.

Outside, a replica of a 40’s 50’s gasoline pump has been installed and several reproduction Gulf signs and other memorabilia are displayed.

An original Gulf sign that is 5 ½ feet in diameter has been mounted on the front of the building.

Several visitors to Franklin have been seen taking pictures of the Station as they pass through our area.

Inside there is an antique gas station pump and oil lubester that had been stored in a barn in Heard County and donated to the Filling Station by Leila Craft.

Also of interest are newly acquired pictures, signs and other Gulf memorable that have been added for visitors to enjoy.

In the rotating exhibit area there is a colorful, informative display of  “Women in the War Between the States,” Civil War books, maps and pictures of Soldiers and Generals.

There is also a wall of reference books, fiction and non-fiction books about all American wars for individuals to get information from and to use for research on family members who served.

Added recently in another area are pictures and a scrapbook that tell the story of the Franklin Music Park 1977-1984.

Locally made jams, jellies and relishes and Heard County organization’s cookbooks are also for sale.

We are most excited that we now have for sale copies of the Heard County History Book, published in 1991 as well as the Mayhayley Lancaster book written by Dot Moore, “Orace of the Ages.”

Please visit the station soon!

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