May 20, 2019

New local Go-Kart Track races to the finish line

TNT Raceway near Centralhatchee opens this Saturday, August 6. The track plans to host Go-Kart racing every Saturday throughout the year.

TNT Raceway near Centralhatchee opens this Saturday, August 6. The track plans to host Go-Kart racing every Saturday throughout the year.

(Franklin, GA) — A new Go-Kart race track is opening this weekend near the Centralhatchee community in northern Heard County.

The very first day races at the 1/5 mile oval dirt track are scheduled for Saturday, August 6 and the owner of the track, Terri Thomaston is excited to see she and her husband’s dream come true.

According to Thomaston, the process of opening the new facility was a long and difficult one, but she thinks it can be a benefit to the local community.

TNT Raceway Kart Track is located at 350 Knight Road (Drive) and the public is encouraged to come out and see racers from all over the West Georgia/East Alabama area compete.

“After racing stock cars since 1999 we decided it was time for a change,” said Thomaston this week. “After a lot of thought and prayers, we decided to pursue our dream of building a go-kart track on some land that had been sitting idle for many years. My husband and I went to the court-house to see what it would take to pursue our dream.”

Thomaston believes going through the legal process of opening the track was worth the wait and effort.

“Like many counties, Heard County did not have an ordinance in place to accommodate our request so our journey began with meetings first with the planning commission and then with the Board of Commissioners,” says the track owner.

“We were not discouraged with the process, we knew we had to work with the county to help them understand what we wanted and how it would affect our community.”

Local racer Tanner Collins tests out the new track at TNT Raceway

Local racer Tanner Collins tests out the new track at TNT Raceway

The track will be managed under the guidelines of the National Karting Alliance (NKA) and races are scheduled for every Saturday weather permitting.

Founded in 1985 by Don Janowski, the NKA is a membership-based association of independent tracks, clubs, and promoters of kart and small vehicle racing across the United States.

It is the largest small vehicle sanctioning body in the United States.

Thomaston also plans to incorporate night racing one time per month. She thinks the track could be a nice alternative for the young people of the county who may not be involved in other community activities.

“As parents of three children of our own, our hopes are to bring something to our little town that will capture the attention of young adults and give them an opportunity to participate in an activity right here close to home,” says Thomaston.

“This will be a family based race track that everyone will be comfortable attending at any time. Sports of all types have pros and cons, but adding a race track to the community to go along with the activities Heard County offers from the recreation department to the Horse Arena is in my opinion a positive step forward.”

Work at the track has been ongoing for several months in preparation for racing and a few drivers were on site over the weekend to test the track.

One of those drivers, Larry Vincent of Carrollton, is excited about the new place to race.

“I think this track is going to be real fast. I think you will be able to run more than one line and get a little higher up than some of the other tracks around here,” said Vincent after turning some laps on the track last Saturday. “It’s a lot of fun racing karts — there’s a lot of top competition around this area.”

Vincent, 31-years-old, has been racing for several years and owns a couple of season points championships.

Another driver to test the track recently Heard High sophomore Tanner Collins. Tanner has been a part of the kart racing scene for about three years and also owns a couple of racing titles.

Many drivers and race teams think the new track close to home may draw some new drivers from the area to the sport.

Thomaston says that friends and family have been a huge help in getting the track competition ready this week.

Gates will open for the inaugural day of racing at 10:00 AM this Saturday and admission is $10 per person for ages 11 and up and $5 for children 10 and under.

Concessions will be provided this week by Smoking J BBQ and the track will also feature its own concession stand in the future.

For more information on TNT Raceway you can call 706-407-9880 or visit TNT Raceway Kart Track on Facebook.

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