November 23, 2020

New look City Council adopts new alcohol ordinance

The Franklin City Council met Thursday evening for its regular monthly council meeting. This was the first meeting since the May 7 suspension of Mayor Chapman by the Governor pending the outcome of her court case.

Mayor Pro Tem Johnny Adams led the meeting. Prior to the meeting business City Attorney David Mecklin advised the council to clarify for the record by voting for a Mayor Pro Tem to lead the city in Chapman’s absence and also an Alternate Presiding Officer.

Upon motion by Councilman Jimmy Hamil and second by Councilman Shane Manders the council unanimously approved Johnny Adams as the acting Mayor.

Upon a motion by Adams and a second by Hamil, Councilman Bo Almond was selected unanimously as the Alternate Presiding Officer.

Mecklin stated that while suspended Mayor Chapman would draw her regular mayoral salary but that Adams would still be paid as a councilman.

The hot button issue of the meeting was the proposed new alcohol pouring license ordinance that has been under discussion for several months. Upon a motion by Councilman Joel Rogers and a second by Almond, the council approved the brand new ordinance by a vote of 3-2. The ordinance allows for the sale of beer and wine only.

Rogers, Almond, and Manders voted in favor and Adams and Hamil were opposed. Hamil voiced a strong opinion against the ordinance stating that he felt it left the city open to a lawsuit by Rutledge Cafe as they were the only establishment to apply for a pouring license recently.

The new ordinance will require a $1500 permitting fee. will have a full break down and all the details of the new ordinance posted next week.

In other business, Franklin Petro was awarded a package sales application by a 4-1 margin with Hamil opposed.

The council approved a resolution to allow the addition of an on-site social center to be constructed at Franklin Oaks apartments.

Also by a unanimous vote the council voted to lease the old fire department building to Michael Simpson who plans to open a thrift shop. The rental fee will be $350 per month as was advertised.

Some street improvements on a drainage basin for East Street were also approved which will come from SPLOST funds.

The council also discussed the closing of  the Glover Road access which connects Glover Road and Riverside. A public hearing will be advertised to allow citizen response on that issue.


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