November 29, 2020

Newnan teen killed in Atlanta carjacking

Sean Michael Turner (Photo: Newnan Times-Herald)

Sean Michael Turner (Photo: Newnan Times-Herald)

(Atlanta, GA/ — A Newnan teenager will be laid to rest Wednesday afternoon after a failed attempt to recover his car following a carjacking.

The family of Sean Michael Turner remembers the 17-year-old as a “compassionate young man who had recently completed high school after self-directed study and homeschool.”

Last Saturday night, Turner and a friend were at a gas station in Atlanta when they “ran into the brother of one of their old friends,” according to the report issued by the Atlanta Police Department.

The two men asked the man, who they knew only as “Salsa,” if he could help them get some marijuana.

Two other men entered Turner’s white BMW and told him to drive, while Salsa said he would follow them in another car, according to police.

Once they arrived at the intersection of Charles Allen Dr. and 9th street, the suspects pulled out handguns and ordered both teenagers out of the car.

The two suspects then drove away, but upon seeing his vehicle stopped in traffic on 8th St., Turner ran after his car.

Police said that once Turner caught up to the car and opened the door, the suspects shot at him and fled. Turner was transported to Atlanta Medical Center in critical condition. He died the following day. The two suspects and Turner’s car remain at large, according to police.

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