September 16, 2021

No Charges Filed in Weekend Accident Involving State Trooper

According to Captain Paul Cosper of the Georgia State Patrol, Trooper Michael Allen is at home and doing well following the rollover wreck that took place on US Hwy 27 last Saturday afternoon.

Trooper Allen’s SUV and another vehicle, a 2008 Tacoma Truck driven by Mr. John Wiggins, 66, of Franklin, were the only vehicles involved in the accident.

Both men were traveling alone although both did have dogs with them. Even though shaken by the accident, both animals were unharmed.

Cosper told the Citizen via e-mail this week that “He (Trooper Allen) was heading to assist a federal law enforcement agency in the apprehension of a criminal suspect around the I-20 area of West Georgia.”

The report given by the Georgia State Patrol on Saturday read that Trooper Allen was travelling northbound on US 27 around 4:05 Saturday afternoon and attempted to pass the vehicle driven by Mr. Wiggins.

That vehicle began to change lanes in front of him, Trooper Allen attempted to avoid contact with the vehicle, clipped it, and the patrol car overturned into the median.

Mr. Wiggins told us at the scene that he was changing lanes and could not avoid being hit by the Troopers vehicle which lost control before hitting him.

Heard County resident Brent Snyder, the owner of a local plumbing company told us in a phone interview that he was the only witness to the accident.

He stated that he was also travelling northbound behind Mr. Wiggins and that no other cars were present at the time in either the northbound or southbound lanes.

Snyder stated that Trooper Allen did have his emergency equipment on including his lights.

He confirmed that as Trooper Allen tried to pass Mr. Wiggins his vehicle “fish-tailed” out of control before clipping the Tacoma truck and then losing control into the median.

Trooper Allen’s SUV ended up on its side in the southbound left hand lane of US 27. Captain Cosper told us that no charges would be filed in the accident.

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