December 5, 2020

Operation Keep in Touch

A quick update on some local soldiers: Operation Keep in Touch (OKIT) now has two young men from Carrollton on our “Home Town care package list” Dustin Jackson and Thomas Cook. Both boys are stationed in Afghanistan and working in some pretty dangerous situations.

Of course the care package includes a letter from our seniors, a hand written note from OKIT thanking them for their service, a cute and cuddly stuffed animal and all sorts of good old American junk food.

There is a little nutrition in the box but what growing boy really wants healthy food from home when Uncle Sam provides them all the protein and vitamins a healthy body needs? It just doesn’t contain much flavor or variety and has to be drowned in tabasco sauce…but it’s healthy.

The real fun was discussing the items that would go into the box with Dustin’s Father. He couldn’t quite understand why I would send a stuffed animal to a big strapping Army Boy. But once he understood it could save a soldier’s life he was all for it.

In fact, his statement was “send him the cutest thing you got”. When the package was filled and ready to go the last thing included was a monkey to hang on his knapsack. When I received an email about Dustin’s friend Thomas, the email read “send him a monkey too”.

People don’t realize that the stuffed animals we send over are often used as goodwill ambassadors with the Afghanistan children.

In some parts of Afghanistan, Kuwait etc the troops are approached by children while clearing certain areas, they share the stuffed animals and candy (left over Halloween and Easter candy we send) with the them and they, the children, in turn tell the troops where IED’s and snipers are located. Who would ever think a $3.00 Beanie Baby could do so much?

Thomas (TJ) Cook

So now my two new soldiers cannot wait for their new found friend to arrive. We have requested a photo update when they receive their new little buddy.

Just a reminder: The coupons are still needed and the response has been great. Thank you all who have sent them in. Keep them Coming.

We are currently sorting through twice as many as last week and are working on a box for Japan.

We try to pick a different country each week. Please remember to sort them into food and non-food stacks.

OKIT also has “America Never Forget” t-shirts for sale for $10.00 each + shipping.

All proceeds are used for shipping the care packages over to boys like Dustin and Thomas. Again, THANK YOU for helping us support them!!!! (Courtesy of the Times~Journal)

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