October 21, 2018

Operation Keep in Touch: Soldier updates

LOCAL SOLDIER UPDATE: Last week was Family Day at Ft Rucker. The above photo shows Matt Worley, graduate of Heard County High School, in front of his TH67 Creek trainer chopper.

We were able to watch and photograph him and his buddies flying their choppers in various training exercises from hovering (Matt says he hovers like a bumblebee with a broken wing but he is really good at it), engine and rotor stalls to emergency landings.

For those of you who know Matt, you know that he has always had a love for speed and flying. He found a way to combine that passion into something he truly loves. Matt has been working really had for the past few years to achieve his dream of flying and he is now on his way.

DEPLOYED SOLDIER UPDATE: We have added another team of soldiers to our growing care package and letter writing family. I received an email last week from Mario in N. Afghanistan. Mario is part of a 25 member team that works in a support capacity.

They are currently living in mud huts with primitive living conditions. They do have a microwave and coffee pot in the CCP and according to Mario it runs 24/7.

They returned on March 30th 2011 after a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan only to leave again Jan 10th 2012 for another 9 month deployment. Resources are very limited and most of the support guys are very young single soldiers.

Their main request was “FOOD”. Their package weighed 43 lbs. and was filled with 25 individual packages of cookies, mac & cheese, popcorn, hot chocolate, coffee, pudding snacks, Pringles chips, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, condition and 25 letters written by our seniors and people in our community and much, much more.

They have emailed me that I should have photos of them soon as their internet is spotty in their current location.

COUPONS, COUPONS, COUPONS!!! We have received hundreds of expired coupons from Peggy Scott of Conyers GA (coupons and Beanie Babies), Bonnie Reid of Franklin, Diane Langley and Olive Branch Baptist Church of Franklin (Coupons and a cash donation), Cindy/Old Boloney of Franklin, Amy Tucker of Hogansville, Krystal in Douglasville and many more.

We have started listing/posting the names of people who donate cash, Beanie Babies and coupons on our Facebook page. Please visit Operation Keep in Touch and “LIKE” us on Facebook for daily and weekly updates.

Ephesus Library and Heard County Library are now drop-off locations for coupons, stuffed animals, care package items, letters, blank cards and monetary donations. For a complete list of items that can be donated visit our website “Get Involved” page.

CANDY UPDATE: Easter, like Halloween is a huge candy holiday. Any and all left over can be donated to OKIT to use in care packages. We have a small window in which we can mail chocolate.

Anything that is mailed after April 30 stands a chance of becoming a big chocolate blob as the temperature in Afghanistan changes quickly. Hard candy, sweet tarts etc. have a good shelf life and the “kids” really love them.

DONATIONS: Please consider donating Beanie Babies, care package items, money for postage as well as your expired coupons. OKIT has t-shirts for sale for $10.00 each.

Each shirt sold equals one care package postage. OKIT is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible. Visit our website for more information www.operationkeepintouch.com or call Lynn at 404-556-8500 and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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