January 22, 2019

Passing Score Change for GED Might Impact Thousands

23368167_BG1 (1)(Carrrollton, GA) — Hundreds of local residents and thousands statewide will be affected by a change in the scoring system administered by the GED Testing Service, which is lowering the passing score from 150 to 145.

The change goes into effect retroactively for anyone who has taken the test since January 1, 2014. That means about 1,900 Georgia residents who have taken the exam since that date and failed could receive their GED diplomas in March.

It is estimated that nearly 2,000 Georgians did not pass the GED exam with the old threshold of 150 but had scores of at least 145 going back to 2014.

West Georgia Technical College had the highest number of GED graduates from adult education programs in the state in fiscal year 2015. Those numbers will rise according to West Georgia Technical College Vice President of Adult Education Karen Kirchler.

“We will certainly have a large number of test-takers affected by the change, going back to the start of 2014,” Kirchler said. “But it is not just about how many actually tested and failed and will now receive diplomas. There are also many students who have not tested yet because their practice scores aren’t high enough. This will likely prove to be significant.”

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