December 2, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: A Paw-paw Day

Brother-Aaron-236x300I come to you in honest confession today. This past Saturday my wife, Marianne, recruited our two daughters, Heather and Stephanie, plus Shannon Cruz, to go with her and help her do the shopping for the upcoming Association Pastor & Wife Christmas Party.

Stephanie sent me a text message Friday morning asking me if I wanted to keep Jacob & Caitlyn while they went shopping. I told her that I had already planned to use Saturday as a preparation day for the revival at Veal Baptist Church that started Sunday, to write the Pastor’s Column for the newspapers I write for, and to doing other ministry related stuff and that I would have to pass.

It wasn’t long after I sent her that text message that God spoke to me and said, “You know, those babies aren’t going to be babies but once.” I thought to myself, “You know what God, You’re right.”  So I sent her a text message back and told her there had been a change of plans.

All this other Spiritual stuff will just have to wait.  Saturday, Jacob and Caitlyn are getting a Paw-paw day!

My day started Saturday when they came into my bedroom to wake Paw-paw up.  Instead, they awoke the tickle monster. And for about thirty minutes they screamed in sheer delight as they wrestled the tickle monster. After this, we went to Cracker Barrel in LaGrange for breakfast and they got to order whatever they wanted.

From there it was a trip to Fred’s and Wal-Mart where they got to select some toys. From there it was on to the theatre where we watch “Big Hero Six.” This was followed by a trip to the Dairy Queen for more food and “ice cream!” And from there it was home to wait on momma to come pick them up. I’m thinking they spoiled me pretty good!

Later on that evening Stephanie posted the following on her Facebook page (She’s listing things she is thankful for during the month on November).   “Day 15- Today I’m thankful for “girl-time” with some awesome girlies!

Marianne McCollough, Shannon Welborn Cruz, and Heather McCollough Pasley, today was so much fun!!! Love y’all!!! Also, I’m thankful for Aaron McCollough and the deposits he made in the life accounts of my babies today. Daddy, they had a blast hanging out with you! Love you.”  Yep! I’m thinking they spoiled me pretty good!

I’m thankful that even at fifty-nine years of age God is still teaching and reminding me of what is really important in life. Saturday God reminded me that sometimes the most Spiritual thing I can do is not to study the Bible, write sermons, and write columns for the newspapers.

Sometimes the most Spiritual thing I can do is to be transformed into the Tickle Monster, share a breakfast with children, buy them toys, go to a movie, and eat ice cream! Chances are that in years to come they won’t be able to quote any sermon I’ve preached. But I have a sneaking suspicion, they’ll remember this day with Paw-paw.

And so it is with you. The things that make the biggest difference in the lives of those you love usually is not the huge, cataclysmic things you do, rather the time you took to do the small things.

Hey, just maybe your grandbabies need a Paw-paw or Nanna day. Maybe your children need a parent’s day with you. Maybe your momma and daddy need a momma and daddy day. You get the point. Don’t miss the opportunity. Now, I’ve got five more grands waiting in line!

Brother Aaron

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