November 29, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: All I Want to Do is Serve You

Brother AaronIt was a long time ago.  I was experiencing some very turbulent times in my Spiritual walk with the Lord.  I had finished my second pastorate and had been at my third pastorate for about six months.

However, I never experienced the full peace that a pastor should experience at a pastorate.  Now, I’m not saying I missed God.  I didn’t.  I am as certain now as I was then that I was supposed to be there.  But I just didn’t know what God was up to.

In fact, the whole time I was at my third pastorate the pastor search committee from my second pastorate never had but one person in their sights – me.  And just to muddy the waters even more, the pastor search committee from my first church was talking with me and they wanted me back.  So, at one time, I had three churches wanting me to be their pastor.  To say the least, I was as confused as a termite in a Yo-yo!

During this time I took three young preachers, all of whom had surrendered to the call to preach under my ministry, to an evangelism conference in Macon, Georgia.  It’s kinda funny looking back on it.

We were all so poor that we rented one hotel room with two double beds and slept two to a bed.  Wow!  The things you do when you’re young, broke, and have a hunger to hear the Word of God!

During one of the morning sessions of this particular conference Pastor Dwight “Ike” Reighard gave his personal testimony. During his testimony he told about how he and his first wife were expecting their first child.  He painted a verbal picture of how much they were in love with each other, with God, with life, and how excited they were over the pending birth of their first child.  He told about how they had arrived at the hospital and he had gotten scrubbed up and suited up and was in the delivery room experiencing the joy of childbirth with her.

However, just as the birth process was hitting its crescendo and the baby had crowned and was being born, things went horribly wrong.  His wife suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage and died on the delivery table.  Suddenly, he found himself in the unimaginable situation of having a newborn baby and a dead wife.  He then told how God walked with him, not only through this horrible situation, but through every situation of his life.  He told how that in time God blessed him with a new wife, more babies, and had met his every need as He restored life to him.

We returned to the hotel where we were staying to get some lunch.  Somehow, God had used Pastor Reighard’s testimony to find the Spiritual target in all four of our lives.  When four preachers are sitting at a lunch table playing with their food and not talking – something is horribly wrong.

Finally, with tears in his eyes, one of the young preachers said, “I don’t know about you boys, but I’ve got to find me an altar of prayer somewhere!”  We left immediately and returned to our room.  He made a beeline to the bathroom and shut and locked the door behind him.  In just a moment you could hear him wailing and crying out to God.  One of the other preachers fell at the head of his bed crying out to God, the other fell at the foot, and I fell at the foot of my bed.  As I cried out, the Spirit of Holy God broke me like a #2 pencil.

As I wept and melted before God all I could verbalize in prayer was, “Lord, all I want to do is serve You.”  God began to speak to me.  He said, “If that’s what you want to do, then you go tell those folks at your second pastorate that you’re coming back.  However, this time you won’t be bi-vocational, you’ll be their fulltime pastor.”  He even gave me the specific salary figures to give them.  I knew they couldn’t afford to pay me what God told me to tell them. I was convinced they wouldn’t do it.  But much to my surprise, they did.

I watched as the offerings immediately skyrocketed.  I watched as souls began to be saved and God began to add to the church and how that during this time we expanded the facilities two or three times.  And all of this was not because of anything I did.  It was because of what God did in spite of me!  And do you know what?  My desire today is the same as then.  All I want to do is serve Him.

I wonder who God is speakind to through this column.  Is it you?  If it is truly your desire to serve Him then step out in faith and leave the rest to God.  Trust me, He’ll make a way where there is no way!  Let this be your mantra: “Lord, all I want to do is serve you!”

-Brother Aaron


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