December 3, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: Because You Never Asked Me

Brother-Aaron-236x300“Ye have not, because ye ask not.”… James 4:2(b)(KJV)

I heard a story the other day about a boy and girl who grew up as next-door-neighbors.

At a very early age the two children became the best of friends. They were practically inseparable.

All through their formative years they shared life’s special moments together. But, all too soon kindergarten, ponytails, frogs, grammar school, and puppy love gave way to junior high, high school, and a full-blown budding romance.

All through high school the two dated and “went steady.” The love they felt for each other was very real. However, as it often does, life happened. For reasons that neither of them quite understood, things started to change. They began to grow apart. Soon, he went his way and she went hers.

It would be many years before their paths would cross again. They married other people, raised wonderful loving children and grandchildren, and lived full, rich, rewarding lives. But, as fate would have it, in the twilight years of their lives, both spouses deceased; they were placed in the same nursing home. It was quite a reunion when the two discovered each other. They spent many hours walking down memory lane and reliving the past.

One day as the two were walking toward the dining room the man stopped and looked the woman in the eye and said, “There is something I’ve wanted to ask you.” She stopped, leaned on her walker and said, “What?” He said, “Why didn’t we ever get married?” To which she replied, “Because you never asked me.”

Friend, many of us miss the love, laughter, and happiness that life has to offer simply because we fail to ask someone to share it with us. The most important Someone we fail to ask, is Jesus! I promise you that happiness in life isn’t found merely in the absence of problems. True happiness is the presence of Jesus Christ in your problems and or life.

I wonder how many people reading this article grew up in church and Sunday School and as a child shared a special relationship with Jesus. Yet, somewhere along the way, life happened to you.

Somewhere along the way, for reasons you don’t understand, or perhaps for reasons you can’t even remember, you began to grow apart from God. You chose another path in life. And today you find yourself confused, wondering why God has forsaken you, when it reality it was you that left Him.

As I sit at my desk and write this article the Spirit of God is stirring deeply within me and I know that I am writing this article for someone specific who is struggling with their relationship with Jesus, or is seeking a relationship with Him.

Friend, if it is you, listen to what I’m about to say. Jesus loves you; He really does! He loves you faults and all and he desires to have a very personal, deep, and meaningful relationship with you. However, Jesus is a Gentleman. He will never intrude where He hasn’t been invited. How sad it would be to come to the end of a life that was lived without Jesus, stand before Him on Judgment Day and ask, “Jesus, why didn’t you share my life with me?” Only to hear Him say, “Because you never asked Me.”

Today I want to ask you a very pointed question: Have you ever asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life and walk with you along your life path? If you haven’t, please stop what you’re doing and ask Him now! Open your heart to Him and invite Him to become the most important part of your life.

In Revelation 3:20(KJV) Jesus says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” That’s not a “maybe so” or “could be” proposition. It is a guaranteed statement of fact from the Lord. He’s knocking. He wants to you to invite Him in. And if you will, He will come in – but you have to ask!

“Because you never asked me” – what a sobering thought!

Have you asked?

Brother Aaron

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