November 28, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: Four Truths I Want You To Grab Hold Of

Picture in your mind a church sanctuary with stained glass windows.

Now picture that you are inside that sanctuary at night.

One of the first things you probably noticed is that the windows are dark, or at a minimum, their beauty is muted.

The simple truth is that it takes the light of the sun to reveal the beauty of the stained glass. Now, here’s a truth I want you to grab hold of: All light does is illuminate the chards of stained glass.

Each chard reflects the light by the color and shape it already is. Light changes nothing. All it does is illuminate what the Designer created.

In the Biblical story of the Woman with an Issue of Blood, we are told that she had been sick for twelve years. Evidently, before she contracted the blood disease, she was a woman of financial means.

However, twelve years of seeing doctors had drained her of all her financial resources. She heard about Jesus (which means somebody “told” her about Him) and made her way to where He was. She reasoned within herself that if she could just touch His garment she would be healed. She believed it 100%.

However, there was a problem. There was a multitude of people “thronging” or “surrounding” Jesus, which separated her from Him. Now, here’s a truth I want you to grab hold of: Those people were followers of Jesus.

So, here’s the truth: The people, who by their actions were preventing her from reaching Him, were His followers. I wonder how often today the actions of Christians are preventing those who are seeking to touch Jesus, from doing so.

Have you ever stood and viewed your image in a full length mirror – that was cracked? If so, you know that the mirror presents a distorted image of you. The image may have your legs out of center with you upper torso by half an inch or more.

Now, here’s a truth I want you to grab hold of: Cracked mirrors project cracked images! The bad news is that satan uses cracked mirrors! He will have you seeing and believing his cracked images of you. However, the good news is that the image satan projects of you – is not the real you. God sees the real you.  So should you!

Sometimes, my biggest regrets in life are not the things I did or did not do. Sometimes, my biggest regrets in life are the things I did or did not do – when I had the chance. Life doesn’t always give second chances. Therefore, we should learn to seize the day, or better yet, to seize the moment!

I read a post from a lady recently that said, “I regret being too busy to go to the river with my mom and dad on Labor Day Weekend. My dad died a few days later. I can never, ever get that time back. Please always make time for you family. You never know when your last conversation will be.”

Now, here’s a truth I want you to grab hold of: “You may be born looking like your momma or daddy, but you’ll die looking like your decisions.” – Chris McDaniel. Decide to seize the moment! Second chances aren’t guaranteed.

These are just four simple truths I want you to grab hold of today. First, your real beauty is in the shape and color the Creator created you – but only His light can reveal your true beauty. Secondly, sometimes, it’s God’s people who keep you from Jesus. Don’t let them! Persevere and touch Him!  Thirdly, satan presents cracked images of you. Don’t believe him!

Finally, life doesn’t always give second chances. So, Carpe Diem!  Decide to seize the day or moment! Remember, you’ll die looking like your decisions. So, decide well!

Just four truths I want you to grab hold of!

Brother Aaron


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