January 24, 2022

Pastoral Nuggets: Going on Alone

“And he saw him no more.”… 2nd Kings 2: 12 (KJV)

Brother AaronIn the passage of scripture above we see a very exciting, challenging, yet sad time for Elisha.  For quite some time Elisha had been in training to take Elijah’s place.  Now, Elijah is carried away in the Chariot of God, and the Bible records that Elisha, “… saw him no more.”  The time had come for Elisha to go on alone.

As a young, naïve Christian, I automatically assumed that everyone who was with me when I was converted would always be with me.  As a young, naïve pastor, I automatically assumed that everyone who was with me when I entered the pastorate would always be with me.  These were bad assumptions!

However, as a seasoned Pastor/Associational Missionary/Evangelist/whatever other role may give me, I still assume that everyone who is with me will go with me all the way.  Yet, in my heart I know that not everyone will complete the journey with me.

Sometimes God sends his chariots into the relationships of our lives. Many times I have been as Elisha – watching as beloved friends depart – knowing that we will never again walk shoulder-to-shoulder in battle for our Lord. On occasion, I have been as Elijah.

I have been the one forced to leave dear friends so that I could be obedient to the call of God upon my life.  That call?  My life mission statement is: “To passionately and consistently reflect the character of Christ through every role and season of my life.”  Listen, the roles and seasons of my life change.

The place of service may change. However, the calling does not. This means that sometimes God’s chariot moves me elsewhere. I am the one that leaves.  Oh! And sometimes in my Spiritual journey, I miss the mark God has set for me by a country mile.  However, the Bible states in Romans 11:29(KJV), “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”

Sometimes we fail and sometimes we have to go on alone, but despite all that, God doesn’t change the calling He places upon our life.

Throughout almost forty years of Christian service, God has placed me in some wonderful churches and ministry positions. He has given me tremendous ministry opportunities. He has surrounded me with some of the most precious, wonderful people on earth. He has brought people along by my side to help shoulder the burdens of life – just when I needed them most.

But, the older I get the more I realize that the vast majority of these relationships are only temporary. The chariot wheels are rumbling in the distance for each of us.  And whether we are called away in death or to different ministry opportunities, the fact remains that the relationships we share today are precious – and fleeting.

But, let us always remember – we have today! And today, while we are walking shoulder-to-shoulder in service for our Lord – let us not fail to experience the beauty, joy, and love that we find in each other.

Take a moment today and take a Spiritual snapshot of your life. Drink in every moment of every detail.  Savor its sweetness. Why? Because the roles and seasons of your life will change.  It won’t always be as it is today.

If God tarries His coming, tomorrow will come. But on some tomorrow, each of us will be forced to step into God’s Chariot, or watch as another does. The time will come when, one way or the other, we must go on alone in God’s will for our lives.  But today we have each other. Time is precious. Don’t waste it. Love one another today!

Hey, this Sunday would be a great Sunday for you and your family to go to church and worship the Lord together as a family!

Brother Aaron



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