November 28, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: It’s a Law

Brother-Aaron-236x300Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

That’s not debatable. It is a law. It was a law before Newton articulated it and it will be a law long after you and I are dead and gone. It doesn’t change.

One of the things that have made America great is, that from her inception, the laws of God, the laws of nature, and the laws regarding commonsense have been viewed as just that – laws. They were not open for debate.

The Bible states it like this in Galatians 6:7(KJV), “… whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” That’s God’s version of Newton’s law. However, the thing that is causing America to unravel at the seams today is the fact that for thirty plus years we have been systematically removing and dismantling all absolutes or laws, if you will, in our society.

In our infinite wisdom, regarding the moral, Spiritual, and commonsense realms, we are propagating the false belief that we can do whatever we desire – without fear of consequences.

We think that because we say so, or we desire it, that Spiritually and commonsensically speaking, we can simply suspend God’s law and there will be no consequences. How foolish of us to believe that. It doesn’t work that way!

Chaos has gripped America and the world today. Things that make absolutely no sense are now embraced as the norm. And when the natural order of things is scrapped by a society, chaos and judgement follow! I am afraid that in America today we have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind!

Do you know why the muslim faith is one of the fastest growing religions today?  It’s real simple. They have absolutes! And no, I do not agree with anything they teach! But that’s not the point. The point is they have absolutes! There was a time when Christianity had absolutes. Not so much anymore.

There was a time when preachers preached that you must be born again, or saved, to go to heaven when you die and that salvation was evidenced by a changed lifestyle. Not so much today.

There were expectations associated with church membership – more especially for leaders in the church. Not so much today. There were societal absolutes.

And even if a person wasn’t a Christian, they were still good moral person who adhered to the rules of society. Not so much today.

Again, we’ve come to the belief that we can do what we want to do and live any way we want to live without fear of the logical consequences.

How dare us stand in amazement at the chaos we are seeing today when we condone homosexuality, homosexual marriage, transgenderism, (whatever sex you identify as today) divorce, children being born out of wedlock, abortion, alcohol abuse, illegal drugs, disrespect to parents, disrespect to children, disrespect of law enforcement personnel and those in authority over us, and civil disobedience.

The truth is that we are reaping exactly what we have sown!

It is time, and high time, that America returns to her Christian Judeo heritage. It’s time we again have absolutes! It is time we once again view the Bible and its teachings as absolutes. It’s time we have discipline, respect, and Godliness in America again.

If we will put forth the effort to live right, do right, and be right, that effort will push back the forces of darkness that have gripped us today. This is our only hope. Our hope is not in who gets elected. It’s in us obeying God’s laws! And things won’t change until we do!  It’s a law – God’s law – we reap what we sow!

Brother Aaron

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