November 25, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: My Thoughts Regarding the Upcoming Election

Brother-Aaron-236x300Hosea 8:7 uses an axiom that in my opinion fits America today:  “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind …”

Another familiar axiom states, “What one generation allows in moderation, the next allows in excess.”

As America stands upon the precipice of possibly the most influential election we ever have or ever will face, it is evident to me that we are reaping in spades the fruit of the ungodly seeds we have sown.

It is also evident to me that the things my parents’ generation allowed in moderation and the things my generation has allowed in moderation, are now being practiced in excess.

Consequently, I fear that America is about to experience the judgment of God in ways we have never imagined. It’s just common sense to me that somewhere along the way we have to “pay the piper” for our decisions, indecisions, actions, and inactions. Folks, we are in trouble! We’re in deep weeds!

November 8th, we Americans will go to the polls to decide which immoral, ungodly person will lead us for the next four years. And in my opinion, and that’s all it is, my opinion, I see no evidence of either candidate knowing Jesus as their personal Savior.

And neither candidate is my personal choice for President. However, as I read somewhere, “America is not going to the polls to elect a ‘National Pastor,’ we are going to elect a leader.” God help us!

When given the choice between these two horrific and distasteful candidates, in order to make that choice, something must swing the pendulum to one candidate or the other.

So, what swings the pendulum for me? One word: Abortion.

Hillary Clinton has stated that in the name of, “A Woman’s Right to Choose,” she believes that at any time during a pregnancy the mother has the right to kill her unborn baby in her womb. She believes this right extends from conception, up to and including the barbaric procedure known as Partial Birth Abortion.

During this procedure the doctor turns the full-term baby in the birth canal. He then allows it to be three-fourths of the way born. He then then inserts an instrument into the back of the baby’s yet unborn skull and kills the baby.

As I said, Hillary Clinton believes this is okay. Donald Trump plainly stated that this was “not” okay with him. Guess what? For me, this issue alone swings the pendulum to Trump.

Those who support Hillary will undoubtedly make a thousand different arguments as to why she is the best candidate for the job. And just as me, they are entitled to their opinion.

However, despite the arguments that may be made for her, whether it be her experience, gender, or whatever, nothing changes the fact that at the core of her belief system she believes killing babies, the most helpless among us, is okay.

One must then ask the logical question: If she has no problem murdering babies, how long before that belief progresses to the elderly, the maimed, the sick, or the mentally challenged? When you devalue one life do you not by default devalue all life?

As a Christian, when you go vote, and I do encourage you to vote, before you cast your ballot I want to encourage you to ask yourself whether you, in good conscious, can cast your vote for a woman who believes it’s okay to murder babies. Can you? I can’t!

I also encourage you to pray and allow the Spirit of God and Biblical principles to guide you in your decision.

These are my thoughts regarding the upcoming election!

Brother Aaron

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