May 26, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: The Boo-boos of Life

Recently, I was involved in a minor fender-bender type of an automobile accident.

It hurt my feelings more than anything else. I babied that car. Now it’s got a “boo-boo” and is in the shop being repaired.

But before long, it will be “de-boo-booed,” (I made up that word!) and once again, all will be right in my world.

As I thought about this little fender-bender, I came to the realization that in life, as with my car, if we drive long enough, most likely we are going to be involved in some sort of an accident that leaves a boo-boo.

Boo-boo’s are pretty much inevitable. Somebody will run a stop sign; somebody will fail to yield; somebody will back into you; somebody will open a door onto you, and somebody will sideswipe you. It happens! So, there you go!

But fortunately, most of the time we can make all the boo-boos go away with some minor emotional, psychological, and Spiritual repairs.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded daily by people whose boo-boos aren’t so minor. Whether caused by the accumulative effect of many boos-boos that were left untreated over the course of a lifetime, or gaping, open wounds caused by a life that somehow went horribly off the rails, the effect is the same. Satan took a shot and hit the bullseye! Their life has spiraled out of control.

In its wake is a string of broken marriages, broken relationships, addictions of all sort, depression, a sense of hopelessness, and anything else you want to add. And I suppose that of all these things, the sense of hopelessness is the worst! When a person loses hope they’ve lost it all.

Speaking of hope, I heard Dave Ramsey tell about a friend who took him to visit the country club where he was a member. He said he was met by a young man named Miguel who worked for the club. Miguel was very energetic and very attentive to Dave’s every need. He was very good at his job.

Some of the regulars asked Dave if he knew Miguel’s story. He told them that he didn’t even know them; how could he know anything about Miguel?  They then told him that in another semester or so Miguel would graduate college with an MBA. His tuition had been paid for by one of the “every day millionaires” at the club, who wanted absolutely no recognition for what he had done.

As Dave was leaving, he spoke with Miguel about his life. He responded to Dave, “I came to this country with nothing but a backpack filled with hope. And one day I’m going to be a member of this country club!” What a difference it made when one man saw Miguel’s backpack of hope “more” that the boo-boos life had inflicted on him.

This column will appear before Thanksgiving in most of the papers for which I write. Therefore, I want to pass along what I think is a great suggestion made by Dave. He said if you want to really be a blessing to somebody this Thanksgiving, as you load your family into your car and head to grandma’s house, stop at a Waffle House, Huddle House, or a similar restaurant or business.

Pull the car up to the window where your children can see inside. Go inside and take a seat where your family can see you. Order a cup of coffee and ask for the check. When the server isn’t looking, place three one hundred-dollar bills, along with the ticket, under the cup of coffee and get up and leave. Then watch from the car with your family as the server discovers the blessing God has used you to provide.

You’ll be blessed beyond measure! Why Waffle House or Huddle House servers? Are they second class citizens? Absolutely not! But they’re open 24-7.

And generally speaking, you don’t work on Thanksgiving unless you really need the money!  And hey, maybe they’ve just got a few more boo-boos than you, okay? And maybe you just bought their child Christmas, or kept their utilities from being turned off. Who knows?

Remember, if you travel the Road of Life long enough, boo-boos will happen. Most will be minor, but some will be major. Be kind. And along the way, learn to recognize people carrying backpacks filled with nothing but hope. Who knows? God may use you to bring hope into a life of hopelessness – dented by many boo-boos along the way.

Brother Aaron

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