January 23, 2022

Pastoral Nuggets: The Price of Freedom (Part 2)

Brother AaronLast week I started writing a series of columns on the subject: The Price of Freedom.

In it I said, “The price of freedom in America is a debt that is never really paid in full. It is not a once and done deal. It has installments that each succeeding generation must decide whether or not to pay.”

I am afraid that my generation and the succeeding generations have found the installments for freedom a price they are unwilling to pay. Consequently, we are losing our freedoms at an alarming rate.

My friend John was a salesman for a textile company. He told me that the company he worked for sent him out of state to close a large sale. When he returned his boss asked him if he got the order. When John said, “No.” his boss asked him why. He replied, “Well, I’m not really sure.”

To which his boss responded, “John, until you learn to identify and correct the things that made you unsuccessful getting this order, you won’t be successful getting other orders.” What a truth! The first step to becoming successful is learning to identify and correct the things that make us unsuccessful.

Sadly, America is losing its freedoms and becoming less and less successful because we have failed to identify and correct the things that have made us unsuccessful.

I am fifty-nine years old. And in my fifty-nine years of life I have never seen America in the literal mess it is in today. And it’s not just one sector of America that is in trouble – it’s every sector. Our government, on all levels, seems to be bordering on chaos. Civil disobedience has risen to levels I’ve never witnessed.

Why, in our little corner of the world, seemingly every day, we hear about shootings, cuttings, gang activity, rapes, drugs, child abuse, and even murders. And all too often, seemingly our schools have become war zones where police officers are forced to patrol the halls, or at least stop by on a regular basis to insure the safety of the students and faculty.

I never thought I would live to see the day where I would be forced to go through a metal detector to enter the courthouse – but I have. However, regarding the debt of freedom, in my opinion, the most critical premium my generation has neglected to pay, is for adherence to the Biblical model for a family.  Hear me as I say: As the family goes – so goes America!

In the 1960’s, by and large, America decided to toss the Bible and its model for the family. We decided that the traditional family was archaic and outdated.  Soon we replaced the Bible with Dr. Spock’s book. We then embraced feminism, the free love movement, and exchanged traditional marriage for what we used to call “shacking up” or living together. We then graduated to single mothers and deadbeat dads having children born out of wedlock. Then we legalized abortion for those choosing not to birth the child.

And we are now well on our way to legalizing marriage for anybody wanting to marry anybody or anything. We have two males marrying and raising children. We have two females marrying and raising children. And all too often the end result is children who are as confused as a termite in a yo-yo!

While all this has been transpiring, we have decided to remove all moral absolutes and teach situational ethics. We no longer teach children there are winners and losers in sports as well as life. Now, having said all that, I have a question: How’s that working for you?  Look at our society today and you will have your answer.

Now, I’m sure somebody is asking themselves: Why is he being so hard on us in this article? The answer goes back to what my friend John’s boss told him: We cannot be successful until we identify and correct what made us unsuccessful.

At the heart of America’s problems and the loss of freedoms we are experiencing today is the truth that we have rejected the Bible and God’s plan for us as individuals, families, and as a nation. Until we take corrective action, individually and corporately, we can expect no better than what we have.

This Sunday would be a good Sunday to make your way back to church with your family and start correcting the problem!  (To be continued …)

Brother Aaron

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