December 2, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: The Shade of a Donkey

Brother-Aaron-236x300One of my preacher friends sent me the following.

It is from Adrian Rodgers: “A Greek named Demosthenes was once addressing a bored and listless audience, so he told them a story. ‘Once there was a man struggling with a great load.

Along came another man with a donkey and said, ‘Rent my donkey, and he’ll carry your load.’ He did.

Later, as they tried to find relief from the hot sun, they began to argue over who owned the donkey’s shade. At this point, Demosthenes walked off the stage.

The audience became agitated, wanting to know how the argument was resolved. Demosthenes returned and said, ‘Earlier, I was talking about issues of life and death, and you were bored.

But now you’re all worked up about who owns the shade of a donkey!’  Demosthenes’ audience was a simple-minded bunch. They tuned out issues of serious truth but were entranced with the trivial.  How about you?”

We are facing issues in America today that I never thought we would face. We are having great discussions as to whether or not somebody who “identifies” as a female, or who “identifies” as a male, should be required to use the public bathroom that matches their biological birth gender!

Can you believe this? We now allow men to marry men and women to marry women. And our illustrious Governor just vetoed a bill that would legally protect pastors and churches that chose not to participate in homosexual weddings from being sued.

A year or so ago Georgians voted to remove all Sunday alcohol sales restrictions. Just turn the spigots wide open!  Marriage has become optional. Just shack up and live together, or better yet, just hookup and have babies. Why, there’s no need for a father in the home!

All the while, we have removed prayer, discipline, and common sense from our homes, schools, and society at large. And the end result, by and large, is that America is going to hell in a handbasket! And what are we as Christians and churches doing while this is going on? All too often we are arguing over who owns the shade of a donkey!

We are more concerned with the color of the carpet in the church, whether we wear a suit and tie to church or come casual, or whether or not we sing from a hymnal or from words on the wall – than we are about our country, our churches, our homes, our families, and our society either being in, or headed toward, moral meltdown and Spiritual ruin!

I wonder when or if we as God’s people will get back to the basics of our faith. I wonder when or if we will once again demand that Biblical principles be taught and adhered to in all walks of society. I wonder when or if preachers will once again preach that right is right and wrong is wrong and that there are consequences for our actions, good or bad.

I wonder when or if churches will again demand their preachers preach, without apology, “Thus sayeth the Lord!” I wonder when or if we will begin to raise the moral, Spiritual, and societal standard in America back to a Biblical standard.

And most importantly, I wonder when or if we will get back to the Biblical truth that Jesus is The “Only” Way to heaven and do away with this foolish belief that one way is just as good as another, one religion is just as valid as another, and that all roads lead to the same place. Balderdash! They don’t!

I am afraid America is in moral meltdown and is headed toward Spiritual ruin. Our only hope is to quit arguing over the shade of a donkey (Trivial matters) and become focused again on understanding and implementing Biblical truth!

Arguing over the shade of a donkey. My, my! I’m glad none of the Christians or churches I know would ever be guilty of doing this!!!

Brother Aaron


  1. I think this happens with Jesus in Luke 12. He is talking of hypocrisy and eternal judgment, the loving care of God and the unpardonable sin, and persecution and the value of each person before God. But a guy interrupts him and wants him to make his brother to give him a few weeks at the beach house. Jesus then tells us that life does not consist of things.

    It seems to me that bathrooms and Sunday beer sales are trivial things like a shadow of a donkey. Who someone gets a contract with to have a life of mutual care for one another of the same sex, is no where near the weightier things of the law that the people of faith should be concerned about. Gay marriage is not the unpardonable sin. But Jesus warns us of a sin that will not be forgiven.

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