October 20, 2021

Pastoral Nuggets: Things I Heard While on My Way Somewhere Else

(Writer’s Note: Preaching, and writing these columns each week, means that I am constantly in acquisition mode regarding material that I can use. Sometimes, as with the column today, I just go back to the notes I’ve taken and let them speak. I make no claim of originality to anything you’re about to read.  These are just some things I heard on my way somewhere else. I hope they bless you. Brother Aaron)

After the chess game is over, both the king and the pawn go back into the same box!

Our duty is not to find freedom, but to find our Master.  In this we find our freedom.

A friend of mine used to drive a bus in Atlanta.  She told me about a particular day where she had finished her route and was headed back to the bus corral to park her bus.  She reached up and turned on her “Out of Service” sign. While on her way she got behind another bus running its route. When she refused to allow people to board her bus, they became angry.  All they saw was a bus. They didn’t see her “Out of Service” sign. Reality check: There is no “Out of Service” sign for a Christian!

If God calls a man to preach, there is nothing special about the man.  The call itself is what’s special!

The water at the Pool of Bethesda was just plain water until God troubled it.  We’re just plain human beings until God troubles us.

The faith community is so busy going to church that we have forgotten to be the church!

God uses normal people to do abnormal things.

An oil lampstand can produce light, but it cannot produce oil.  These lampstands have oil bowls intended to be filled with oil. A bowl without oil is just another bowl.  Our life without the Oil of the Spirit is just another life. We produce no light because we have no Oil. Sadly, all too often, our oil bowls are full of us!

Every seed you plant is not meant for you to harvest.  In fact, most likely the seeds that produced the harvest you are enjoying today, were sown by somebody else.

As long as you stay on track, you can toot your horn anywhere you want.

Boundaries don’t “confine” us; they “define” us.

Preacher, there’s a fine line between a long sermon and hostage situation.

If you’ll stay small enough, long enough, God will make you big enough, soon enough.

If God doesn’t change your lane – stay in it.

You cannot Spiritualized management issues and you cannot manage Spiritual issues.

There is no physical path to immortality.  We don’t do endings very well. If you learn how to die – you learn how to live.

Again, these are just some things I heard on my way somewhere else.

Brother Aaron   

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