November 27, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: Wandering Thoughts From a Wandering Mind

This Pastor’s Column is a collection of random thoughts from a wandering mind.  Hopefully they will bless you.

  1. Recently, I was speaking with a friend who use to drive a bus in Atlanta.  She said that when she finished her route she then had to take her bus back to the bus barn.  She would reach up and turn her “Out of Service” sign on.  Often, she would get behind an “In Service” bus that was taking the same route she needed to travel to return to the bus barn.  She said that she ran the same route as the other bus.  She made the same stops.  People would start walking toward her bus, only for her to point to her illuminated “Out of Service” sign.  I wonder how many “Christians” this describes.  They follow other Christians, make the same stops, but nobody can board their bus because they have their “Out of Service” sign illuminated.  Just a thought!

  2. Our duty is not to find freedom – but to find our Master.  In this we find our freedom.

  3. After the game of chess is finished, both the king and the pawn go back into the same box.  Likewise, rich or poor, powerful or powerless, death is the great equalizer!

  4. If God calls a man to preach, there is nothing special about the man. What is special – is the call itself.

  5. In the Bible, we read about an Angel of God who would come to the Pool of Bethesda each year and trouble the water.  Whoever got into the water first was healed of whatever disease afflicted them.  Hear a truth:  The water was just plain water – until God troubled it.  We’re just plain human beings until God troubles us.

  6. The faith community is so busy going to church – we have forgotten to be the church!

  7. God uses normal people to do abnormal things.

  8. An old-fashioned lamp stand produces light – but it cannot produce oil. They have oil bowls to hold the oil they burn to produce light.  A bowl without oil is just another vessel.  Our lives without the Oil of the Spirit are – just another life.  Sadly, all too often, our bowls contain no Oil – because they are full of us!  Therefore, we produce no light!

  9. Every seed you plant is not meant for you to harvest.  We plant for others!

  10. As long as you stay on track, you can toot your horn anywhere you want.

  11. Boundaries Don’t “Confine” they “Define.”

  12. Preachers, there’s a fine line between a long sermon and hostage situation!

  13. If you’ll stay small enough, long enough, He’ll make you big enough, soon enough.

  14. If God doesn’t change your lane – stay in it.

  15. You cannot Spiritualize management issues and you cannot manage Spiritual issues.

  16. There is no physical path to immortality. We don’t do endings very well. If you learn how to die – you learn how to live.

  17. When you think about Noah and the flood, did you ever consider that the same thing that destroyed the unrepentant, lifted God’s anointed above destruction?  Just a thought.

  18. Nobody can be you but you.  All the other people are taken.

  19. There are two choices in life:  Deal with it.  Dwell with it.

  20. A bird does not sing because it has the answer.  It sings because it has a song.  So should we!

Just a few wandering thoughts from a wandering mind.

Brother Aaron

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