November 28, 2020

Pastoral Nuggets: When All Is Well

I attend a Monday Morning Pastor’s Prayer Fellowship.

Last week the pastor of the day preached about how to find Jesus in the midst of the storms of our lives.

He based his sermon on Jesus appearing to the disciples in the midst of the storm and walking to them on the water. He also spoke about Peter walking on the water to go to Jesus. He preached an excellent sermon.

But my personal “take away” from his sermon was a quote he attributed to Pastor Michael Catt. He said, “Never let a looser tell you how to win!” Jesus certainly wasn’t a looser. He knew how to win!

And thus his point: Model your Christian walk after the One Who has proven to you that He has the power to conquer all of life’s storms and that he will come to you in your storm, if necessary, walking on the water!

This week the preacher of the day preached about how to find God in Spiritually dry places – the Spiritual wildernesses of our lives, if you will. And the Good Lord knows that from time-to-time all of us walk through Spiritual wildernesses!

We have all experienced times in our Christian walk when the heavens were silent and it seemed as though our prayers made it no higher than the ceiling; if that far! It’s in times like this that I am glad God put Isaiah 35:6 in the Bible.  It states, “… for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert.”

After the prayer meeting today, another pastor and I were talking. We were discussing the two diametrically opposing approaches these pastors had used to make the same point.

One told us how to find Jesus in the storms of our lives and the other told us how to find Him in the wildernesses of our lives. Both were driving at the same point. We can find Jesus in any circumstance of our life if we will only seek Him. No storm is so rough and no wilderness so barren that it can separate us from the love and presence of God.

As we continued talking my friend made an observation. He told me that he didn’t have a hard time praying, seeking, and finding God in the storms of life. His storms drove him to Jesus. He said the same thing about the wilderness areas. They, too, drove him to pray, seek, and find Jesus. He stated that the most difficult time in his Christian walk – is when all is well. Wow! That resonated in my soul!

You see, I too find that when things are at their best in my life, I tend to be at my weakest, Spiritually speaking. And if you would be honest you would admit the same. Oh, no. I don’t turn into a heathen!

But I tend to find myself slacking in my prayer life, being a little more judgmental of others, a little less tolerant of others, slacking in executing my Christian duties with a joyful heart, and even slacking in my Biblical studies and quiet time with God.

And I seem to be able to find time for everything but the things of God.  My friend, these things ought not to be so!  (And I have a feeling that I am not the only dog named Rover running in this pack!)

As Christians, our most fervent times of prayer, Bible study, Christian service, and being in-tune with God should not be the crisis times of our lives. It should be the times when all is well.

If we would put the same effort and commitment into our relationship with Jesus, when all is well, as we do during our times of crisis, I believe we would find ourselves dealing with many less times of crisis. You see, our relationship with Christ should be developed – when all is well!

I have a feeling that I’m not the only one who needed this column today!

Brother Aaron

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