October 21, 2018

Popular Braves coach, teacher takes position at Carrollton

Thomas “Red” Keith, the Heard County Braves boys head basketball coach and assistant football coach for the past two seasons, has accepted a new position with Carrollton High School.

Keith will be the linebacker coach for the Trojans and an assistant girls basketball coach. He will also continue to teach math as he has at Heard since his arrival in 2010.

Coach Keith graduated from Heard County in 2003 and went on to accomplish tremendous things as a linebacker for Central Michigan University including an amazing 455 career tackles and the amassing of several athletic awards along the way.

“It was a very difficult decision but I just could not pass up the opportunity I was offered with the tremendous Trojan program. My heart will always belong in Heard County and I hate that I wasn’t able to finish what we had started here,” stated Keith.

Keith was widely recognized as one of the most popular faculty members and coaches at Heard County and will be sorely missed by his students and players.

“Coach Keith will always be loved here in Heard County whether he is here or not. He was a great coach, teacher, and man. I will never forget his life lessons that he passed on to me and I hope to stay in touch with him as much as possible,” stated Sophomore QB/basketball player Jonathon Hunt.


  1. Tracey Hunt says:

    Red will be missed 🙂 Jonathon really looks up to him and I know many of the other kids do too! Heard County is losing a good one! 🙁 As a parent I can say he was an awesome role model.

  2. Excited for Red but sad for the Braves. My son Tyler has always thought so much of him and loved his excitement on the football field. He will be truly missed but we will be thinking of you 🙂

  3. MamaGrizzly says:

    As a new “shy” student at Heard High this year my daughter was immediately drawn to Coach Keith. She has always struggled in math and he offered to help her and another student for their EOCT even though they are not in his class. This to me speaks volumes about him as a person and teacher and what an asset he is to Heard High. Though we have only met once and my kids have never had the opportunity to be in his class we will miss him.

    Congrats Coach Keith! You will be missed.

  4. Tim Massa says:

    Red will be missed his enthusiasm and excitement he brought to the side lines was a great spark. And in hearing a couple of interviews Russ posted a excellent motivational speaker. He will be missed but we Heard High Braves wish him all the best in his future endeavors. I know he will do great things.

  5. robert montgomery says:

    Coach RED, Everyone knows you are a great MAN, COACH, and TEACHER! We also THANK YOU for what you did for our kids.When I found out I was not the only RED in Heard County I was proud that it was such an assume MAN. THANK YOU, red

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