January 18, 2021

PPA: A Son’s Love

To the citizens of Heard County:

Since I was a little boy my mama has taken me to the polls with her.

She explained what a privilege it was, and that we should always exercise our right to vote. I remember getting up a little earlier just so we could vote on the way to school.

I loved wearing my sticker all day. It made me feel grown up.

Now that I am grown up, and about to vote for my first time, it is going to be an honor to vote for my mama, Keri Denney, for County Commission Chair.

She has worked in Franklin since before I was born, and takes good care of her clients.

I have watched her volunteer her time in our community my whole life. Never for any credit just for the good of Heard County.

She has always been my biggest fan, and has rarely missed any academic or sporting event I was involved in.

In my seven years as a wrestler for Heard County the only matches she missed were because she was in new commissioner training. She is the best and most supportive mama I could have ever asked for.

I know she is the best choice for Heard County Commission Chair, and I also know she will make me proud.

I am asking you to join me in voting for my mama, Keri Denney.

Thank You, 

Wyn Denney (Class of 2020)


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