January 17, 2021

PPA: Chairman Boone’s response (Part 6)

Chairman Boone’s continued response:

My opponent stated in her recent article that she traveled to meetings and conferences to stay informed and updated on issues relating to counties in Georgia.

Commissioners receive emails from ACCG sometimes daily with updates on issues affecting all or certain counties in Georgia.

If there are any questions ACCG has specialized staff just a phone call away willing to assist all Counties with any questions or problems they may have. This service is part of what are annual dues pay for.

To state that the only way to receive updates and stay informed is to travel to meetings and conferences is simply not true.

She also states that she goes to meet and consult with “other” county officials to understand and learn how they operate and face their challenges. Most counties operate differently, and what works for one county may not work for another.

If she gets so much updated and current information from these trips, why has she never returned from any trip and shared ideas or information with me or the Board? The fact is, she has never discussed any details from her trips at any Board setting or meeting.

To be an effective Commissioner, you need to learn all you can about how your “own” county operates, engage with your constituency, get involved with civic activities, identify the needs of your community and work towards solutions.

As Chairman, I have issues that arise requiring prompt action, and sometimes the Board has to get involved due to the gravity of the situation. The best decisions are made when you have knowledge and understanding of daily operations.

In the past five years as District Commissioner, my opponent has shown very little interest in learning how her own county operates, however in her own words from her latest article and by her actions, more interest has been shown in learning how other counties operate.

The services we provide and the amenities we have are unprecedented for a county our size and population as compared to other similar counties in the State.

I don’t need to look at other counties our size to understand and model how they do things, however I am proud to say they should be looking at us!

Take a minute to just think about what our county does have, rather than what it does not. If you do any person should conclude that we are blessed, and need to be thankful for what we do have.

For the past 7+ years there has been a lot of progress, and as Chairman I have been committed to the advancement of our county.

I need your support to continue the momentum and further my resolve to  “Keep Heard County Great.”

(To be continued)

Special Note: As we approach Memorial Day, remember this special day and what it stands for. Give Thanks and Salute our Veterans for the costly sacrifice they made upon the Altar of Freedom to save our Republic. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday weekend.

Lee Boone, Chairman

Heard County Board of Commissioners


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