March 6, 2021

PPA: Chairman Boone’s response (Part 8)

Chairman Boone’s continued response:

As if the Covid was not enough to disrupt our way of life, the riots that are now taking place across our nation are very troubling to put it mildly.

We are in a more critical time right now as a nation witnessing organized groups destroying property, and pushing an ideology to divide and conquer.

It almost seems surreal after what this nation has already endured the past 2.5 months with people living in fear of a deadly virus.

Just as people were anticipating the reopening of America and a return to the way of life we once had, the spirit of evil reared it’s ugly head again.

The only positive thing I could possibly see in the midst of all this chaos, is how great it is to live in a place like Heard County. Our people are civil, we take care of our own, and I firmly believe we will stand together against Tyranny if it crosses our borders and attempts to destroy our community.

On February 25, 2020, the Board of Commissioners and the Sheriff joined together in a public meeting to declare Heard County as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. This was not done to advocate violence, but to send a message that we are not willing to give up our God given rights as written in the Constitution of the United States.

We all saw the agenda that was being pushed by those that want to take our rights away and shred the Constitution.

The elected officials in the big cities declared a war on the 2nd Amendment many years ago, and we have watched most of those cities being destroyed the past couple of weeks.

I stated in a previous article to encourage you to take time to reflect on what we do have and what it means to live in a County like Heard.

I hope that parents are explaining to their young children the truth about what is really happening to our nation right now, because they are not going to hear the truth from the mainstream media.

Please pray for peace in our nation, and remember the only thing we should fear is God, and with him on our side evil will not prevail against us.

Lee Boone, Chairman

Heard County Board of Commissioners


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