July 24, 2021

PPA: Re-Elect Dianne Watson Heard County Tax Commissioner

Citizens of Heard County:

I appreciate your continued support and your vote on June 9th, 2020. Our ability to campaign has been incredibly challenging.

I was able to visit people one day before everything stopped because of COVID-19.

I want to Thank You for your Patience and Understanding during this uncertain time of trying to deal with this virus.

I am sorry I did not get to see you all face to face the way I wanted to. Many of you know me and know my work history in this office.

You know I care about the people of Heard County, and I do everything within my power to help anyone.

We have not opened back up to the public because we are waiting for the BOC and the Board of Health to say its ok to do so.

We are trying to keep our employees and customers safe. We will be here to assist you with more services as soon as they clear us to do so.

The Choice is yours, as to who you want running and managing this office! Someone with years of Experience. Someone who is a Proven Leader. Someone who has Worked Hard to get to this position. Someone who has Dedicated her working career serving Heard County. Someone that Does Not Quit when faced with adversity and hard decisions. Someone you Can Count On to help with whatever your problem may be. Someone who will continue to keep this office in Good Standing With the Auditors and keep this office running smoothly. Someone you can Trust to do the right thing for All the People of Heard County.

Please go to the polls or mail in your absentee ballots to make your voice and your vote Heard!

I want to Thank You for your Vote on June 9th, 2020.


Dianne Watson

Heard County Tax Commissioner


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