March 4, 2021

PPA: Re-Elect Dianne Watson Heard County Tax Commissioner

Citizens of Heard County:

The time is finally here, if you have not cast your vote yet, now is the time to do so.

Please vote to Re-Elect Dianne Watson as your Tax Commissioner.

I have dedicated my working career to this office and to the people I serve. I love my job and being a public servant.

I have stayed in this office all these years because I am committed to it and the people of Heard County. This is my witness to how much I care about serving the people here.

My whole life has been dedicated to helping others. I am the right person for this job because of my work ethic and dedication. My campaign is based on my own Merit and accomplishments, they speak for themselves.

I am a proven leader who can manage day to day operations, with years of experience. I work hard to get problems resolved. I take responsibility for my office, my staff and myself. I will not run away when faced with challenges, I will face them head on as I have in the past.

You can put your trust in me to do the right thing and abide by the laws, to make the right decision for my office and the people of Heard County. This county deserves someone that knows how to run this office properly and efficiently.

My staff and I look forward to serving you 4 more years! Thank you for your Prayers, your Vote and your continued Support!

Remember when voting that EXPERIENCE MATTERS!


Dianne Watson

Heard County Tax Commissioner


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