November 29, 2020

Primary Runoff Information

The Primary Runoff Election will be held August 21, 2012. The only race is on the Republican ticket for Commission Chair.

Advance Voting will begin Monday August 13 and will end Friday August 17. Advance Voting will take place in the Voter Registration Office (Courthouse Room #1) and will be held from 8:30 until 5:00. Only those in line at 5:00 will be allowed to vote after 5:00 PM.

An important reminder: If you did not vote in the July 31 Primary, you may vote in the Runoff. However, if you voted on the Democratic ticket for the Primary, you can not vote in the Runoff, as there is no Democratic Runoff race, and you can not switch parties to vote in the Runoff.

If you wish to receive an absentee ballot, applications will be accepted until Friday August 17. No one may vote early or receive an absentee ballot after August 17. To request an application, visit the Voter Registration Office or call 706-675-3907.

Charles Tonnie Adams
Chief Registrar

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