September 26, 2021

Prisons Are Too Soft

(Written by: Brett Smith of The Warcry)

America: land of the free, and home of the brave. According to The New York Times, The United States has less than five percent of the world’s population.

However, it has almost a quarter of the world’s prison population. Why is this the case? Well, the reason is because our prisons are too soft.

People break the law because here in America, they know that the punishment of being placed in prison is not all that bad.

The sad thing is, they are completely right. Humans all around the world think that because Americans are tolerant that we are weak, and the same can be said about our prisons.

We treat prisoners in America too much like average citizens, and I personally do not understand it.

In most prisons in America, prisoners have too many rights. They are allowed to have small television sets, food, drinks, magazines, books, and some security.

To the poverty stricken who lack housing, daily meals, protection from others, and entertainment, prison might sound like a step up.

This should not be the case. Citizens in America should tremble at the sheer thought of going to prison.

Prisoners should be given no access to entertainment, and instead should spend their entire time paying their debt to society in miserable solitude in addition to hard labor.

Another problem with American Prisons is the fact that the “green mile” within them is not being walked as often as they should.

If more criminals, such as murderers, rapists, child molesters, and kidnappers, were executed rather than housed in a prison full of “luxuries” paid for by tax payer’s dollars for decades, people would think twice before they committed their criminal acts in society.

American tolerance and humaneness should stop right outside those barb wired fences, and inside the fences, prisoners should face the miserable punishment that they rightfully deserve.

The time tested saying “If you cannot do the time, do not commit the crime,” should be enforced.

If all those changes previously stated were made, and indeed prison did turn into a place not of luxury and outdoor recreation time, where a nice game of pick-up basketball can ensued, but into a place of suffering and wretchedness, American citizens would clean up their act, and in turn commit less crimes.

Knowing what would await them in prison, crime rates would be reduced.

While it may sound like a radical idea, it also sounds like an efficient one that would ultimately help America cut down on its prison population problem, and save tax payers millions of dollars.

So again I say that our prisons here in America are too soft, and that needs to change in the direction of my ideas.

I cannot think of anyone who would want to go to such a place full of misery, but then again, I cannot think of reason worth committing horrendous crimes either.


  1. Anna Kirkpatrick says

    Even though I don’t fully agree with this article, I must say it’s a very interesting one.

  2. Good job Brett, I totally agree with you. If everyone would just use some common sense and put your ideas to work, we would much safer and better off. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. If we would legalize what most other countries on the planet had enough sense to legalize decades ago, we’d have a much smaller prison population. Or, at least, decriminalize. 🙂 Or does that make too much sense?

  4. I think are stae prisons are too soft,the inmate gets rec.time t.v to watch sports to play.The list goes on and on,prison is meant to be a bad place to be not where you want to be i say make prison a true punishment.

  5. Anna Kirkpatrick says

    I totally agree with mama.

  6. Timothy R. Hand Jr. says

    Mr. Smith,

    I will be the first on here to disagree with the your generalization of the prison system in America. I spent two years as an Auxiliary Deputy for the City of Virgina Beach and the past 7 years as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy. While not a Prison, the jail was no where I wanted to be nor anyone else who was behind the doors. The solitude and lack of basic things such as communication or choice of toiletries would be enough to start the ‘shock’ process. Add in the fact that 98% of the prison population fall under the non-violent crimes category but are forced to sleep and live with those suffering with mental illness, going though detoxification from drugs or alcohol, and various other diversions. It is safe to say that you would not sleep very well at night.

    Further more, I find a statement in your article extremely disturbing.
    “American tolerance and humaneness should stop right outside those barb wire fences and inside the fences, prisoners should face [the] miserable punishment that they rightfully deserve.”

    I hope Heard County High School is still teaching History, I will call your attention to Nazi Germany and to the extremist groups that we are currently fighting. These groups have removed humaneness from the equation, just as you are calling for in your article. Your statement is one of anger, and the motivation is one that I don’t quite understand. It reflects similar tones to statements made be people of death row. Lack of concern for human life and the belief that another human should be exposed to “miserable punishment”. The Constitution Applies to ALL Americans, incarcerated or not. I will call your attention to the 8th Amendment.

    Preventing people from going to prison is the best choice. You should write your next article on Driving Under the Influence given the statistics coming from your region in Georgia. Another good article would be on Drug Abuse Prevention these are the top two things Teens are going to jail for right now in West Georgia and East Alabama.

    Finally, I want you to go visit Sheriff Ross Henry and ask him for a tour of his “soft on crime” establishment. Who knows he may even be able to take you to the “resort” facility in Jackson, Georgia for a tour.

  7. I wish prisons here were like Russia, scary, hell, perfect for our inmates 🙂

  8. Anyone who would aggree with this has probably never been to jail or prison. The fact is prisons in America are some of the WORSE in the world. A place where men get raped often and often murdered. Corrupt gaurds that will beat the hell out of you. How can you say being locked in a small cage for twenty years is too soft man? You’re an animal.

    • Prisons in America are not good places to be but they are not a deterrent for people who are criminals! I was homeless when I was a cild since 9 years old. I never turned to criminal activity to survive. I worked and now own a successful business with over 40 employees. Look at the prisons in Russia like dolphin prison now that would be a deterrent. They should have now rights there is no excuse for stealing! If someone steals from a criminal they would kill you plain and simple. There is no such thing as a harmless crime. Anyone who thinks there is needs to seek help. If your hungry get a job, stop smoking and drinking use that money to eat. Get your priority in order.

  9. I strongly disagree with Dustin…and most inmates return to prison because they have no opportunity for jobs, or assistance in rehabilitation. Walk in an inmate’s shoes and then tell me its not a tough life!!

  10. Prions are way to soft. Any crimes hurt people. Thieves have made things miserable. Look how they have to package things in the stores. It takes a knife to open anything you buy. I say take away their tv and make them work all day! If they repeat crimes don’t out them in jail cut off their hand then send them to a hospital to get treatment. If they don’t learn after 3 times kill them they are not worth having in this world.

    • Bob, so you think a human being should be killed after 3 offenses? You really are from the caveman days!!!! So if you want them killed…should the person that kills them go to jail for murder? Seriously??? What humanity!!!

  11. Bullsh*t. Often, the prisons in this country are causing far more harm to the criminal than the criminal ever caused to an individual or society.

  12. The writer brought up some interesting points….some of which I still wasn’t aware of three years after the article. We all have different ideas on prisons and reforming of inmates. I personally liked Wayne Garner when he was in charge of all state prisons but he was fired for being too tough. Go figure!

  13. jonah hill says

    Your article only looks at prison from one small point of view. One of the most important impacts of prison is that it cuts off an inmate from their family, their home, their income, and in most cases their religion. This is what makes prison ‘scary’, in essence. It’s also important to humanise inmates, and understand that most people are incarcerated for minor crimes. Prison should be used to rehabilitate, not punish.
    For example, look at the difference between the American recidivism rate (75% after 5 years), and the Norwegian recidivism rate (20% after 5 years) though many may argue that Scandinavian prisons are ‘too soft’, their aim is to rehabilitate prisoners.

  14. Lawrence T. Lipford says

    Lawrence Lipford
    This country was based on Christian beliefs in the beginning. We have gotten so far away from this that Jesus is a name that dare not be spoken in most schools. Until we get back on the right track and put Jesus back in our schools things are only going to get worse. We seem to live in a society that has no fear of God or Gods Law. Until we repent of our sins things are only going to get worse. I know of several young men that came to know Christ while they were in prison and their lives have completely changed for the better. It is far past the time that we start teaching those behind bars of the love of Jesus and that Jesus loves them. With this being said those that get out of prison and have Jesus in their heard will be winning others to Christ and preventing them from making the same mistakes that they did.

  15. Lawrence T. Lipford says

    Lawrence T. Lipford
    I made an error. I meant to say, With this being said those that get out of prison and have Jesus in their HEARTS will be winning others to Christ and preventing them from making the same mistakes that they did. Sorry, I am human and have made my share of mistakes. Jesus makes no mistakes.


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