November 29, 2020

PruittHealth of Frankin Holds 1950 Sock Hop

(Franklin/Times~Journal) — PruittHealth of Franklin took a step back in time recently when they hosted a 1950’s Sock Hop for the residents at the nursing home.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the staff and residents started rocking to 1950’s music.

Valeria King,
 Activities Director, did an excellent job planning the event. The dance hall was decorated with pink an black balloons, a picture of Steak N Shake restaurant when it opened in 1948, and a poster of a huge old 45 record with the words “Rock N Roll” hung from the wall.

1950’s Sock Hop at PruittHealth of Frankin

1950’s Sock Hop at PruittHealth of Frankin

Many of the residents wore Steak N Shake paper hats. Hamburgers and Hotdogs were served.

Mrs. King stated, “I would like to thank all the sponsors of the sock hop — Stutts Funeral Home, Thomas Miller & Available Realty, Harper Realty, State Farm, Home Depot, Steak & Shake of Carrollton and Walmart of Carrollton — this wouldn’t be possible without you.”

Many of the staff members dressed for the occasion in poodle skirts from 1950’s. Friends and family members attended the event as well as the residents and staff.

The Sock Hop brought smiles to many of the resident’s faces as well as the crowd. The winners from PruittHealth’s Sock Hop were Tonya McKinney, Tamika Omodara, Luther Lynch, Earlene Dowdy, Shannon Bowling, Taylor Caito and Zaria Easter.

Each received a gift card of their choice from Subway or Hardee’s.

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