July 28, 2021

PSC works with Georgia Power/Gas Marketers to provide payment plans

(Atlanta, GA) — In its continuing mission to ensure Georgians receive access to low-priced and uninterrupted utility service, the Georgia Public Service Commission has been working with Georgia Power and natural gas companies to create the easiest methods possible to start repaying utility bills that fell behind during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Any customer in arrears is urged to call their power company or gas marketer immediately to enroll in a repayment plan.

Georgia Power is offering a special payment plan for past-due balances where customers who enroll will be able to repay over a six-month period between October 2020 and March 2021. No late fees will be assessed, as long as customers keep current with their payment plans.

To sign up for the repayment plan, call Georgia Power at 888-660-5890 or logon to www.georgiapower.com/paymentplan.

Likewise, natural gas marketers, by order of the PSC, have been instructed to develop repayment plans for those who are behind on their bills. Contact your marketer for information.

For those who still have problems making utility payments, several organizations are available to help, especially for seniors and medically fragile customers. Contact your utility provider for more information.

“Low-income gas and electric customers who are behind should contact the Salvation Army Project Share office, and apply for assistance,” said Commissioner Tim Echols. “The rest of us should use the check-off box on our bill and donate monthly to help our neighbors in need.”

Since March 14, as the pandemic was dragging down the economy and Georgia residents were required to stay in place, natural gas providers and Georgia Power were not permitted to interrupt utility service due to non-payment.

PSC Commissioners urged customers who could pay their bills to continue and advised that all over-due bills would have to be paid at a later date. Earlier this month, the moratorium was lifted.

Georgia Power can again cut-off service to customers for non-payment beginning July 15. Gas service can be interrupted starting July 1. The timing for lifting the moratorium is consistent with the Governor’s shelter-in-place orders.

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