September 26, 2021


BOONE 1 Ad Proof Leaderboard


BooneIn reference to the Paid Political Advertisement that my opponent ran in the last edition of The Times~Journal, I would like to share some facts for you to ponder:

Qualifications do mean something, but job performance means everything.

Leadership is a quality recognized by others and your ability to make tough decisions is critical.

A person who says they have nothing more to learn has conceded their abilities. I was in the same job for 30 years, and I learned things related to my job up to the day I retired. I have been learning new things as Heard County Chairman every day.

A smooth transition involves being brought up to date on pending issues and assurance to the staff of their position. It has nothing to do with being qualified for the position. That is the right and ethical thing to do.

The SPLOST III Projects were approved by the voters, and the authority, planning and oversight was a collaborative effort by the entire Board of Commissioners, which I served on during the construction phase of these projects.

“Fund Balance” is a term used by Auditors and is not an entity’s “Cash Balance.” Sales tax revenues are down approximately 25% and have been in decline since 2009.

All government entities are experiencing the shortfall, and the fund balance in their Audits reflect the shortfall as well.

Do not let my opponent confuse you about what “Fund Balance” is and how it is calculated by the auditor.

The “Used” Equipment that has been acquired from military surplus has been a blessing for Heard County. It has been well maintained and most have very low hours and miles.

The grading project at the Industrial Park could not have been accomplished without this equipment. The Development Authority is paying the county for the work, and at this point the hours billed and money received have far exceeded the costs associated with the acquisition of all the equipment.

There will be a county auction and sale in the near future. The military equipment, hand and power tools, toolboxes, ammo cans, etc. will be the most popular items that will draw a lot of people and generate a lot of revenue.

The cooperation and relations are good between the county, cities, Development Authority and Chamber. We are all working together for a common goal to make our communities a better place for our citizens.

Accountability, Standards, Expectations and Discipline have been implemented that have made Heard County Government more efficient and productive.

My idea for improvements and additions to be made at Brush Creek Park and the Heard County Arena has resulted in record attendance and Revenues in 2015, and have helped put Heard County on the “Places to Visit Map.”

I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners and the Development Authority for their support in making my ideas become a reality.

Thank you for your time reading this article and for your continued support.

Lee Boone,

Heard County Chairman

*Paid Political Ad*



  1. Lisa Staffieri says

    We still support and will be voting for Mr Lee Boone again so he can continue to take care of our best interests.

  2. I am voting for him also, things seems to have gotten better under his leadership!

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