December 1, 2020

Rebuttal to Isenhower Arena Letter

Reality check. Unless you are some of the same few in Heard County who plan, organize, and follow through with the events that do go on I don’t see how you have a clue as to how it really works. There is electric, water, maintenance, and employee pay related to every building this county owns as with any other buildings in the county.

Yes tax payers myself included did pay for the construction of the Arena and I have enjoyed it on many occasions and no I do not ride horses. The fact is this…there are fees associated with its use and you pay if you use it.

If you are charging for your event and you are a business making a profit then you pay a certain fee if not then you pay a different fee…real simple.

Just because you don’t think its fair or right because you got told to pay what anyone else would have to pay too bad that is why there are guidelines and rules to its use and they were approved by the Board of Commissioners.

If you don’t like it then maybe you need to get your head out of the sand and go to the commissioner meetings and voice your opinion there instead of bad mouthing our leaders because you don’t like following the rules.

As far as having a community garden it is a great idea I agree but really who is going to till it up? Who is going to fertilize it? Who is going to plant? Who is going to weed and water? Who is going to harvest and decide who gets what?

Do you have any plan for that? Have you ever grown a garden? A community garden takes a lot of patience, planning and working together as a community. Let me know when you decide to organize it I would take part in it but I really don’t have the time to organize it. Do you have someone who has asked for this or is this just something you are throwing out there?

We have a Senior Center here in Heard County that is overseen by Terrie Kidd and she is trained to work with the seniors and does a wonderful job with senior events and they do a lot of activities there for the seniors.

I don’t think the horse Arena is somewhere they care to hold senior events so I’m not sure that anyone in that group has requested Arena use. Do you have someone who has asked for this or is this just something you are throwing out there? I don’t understand the logic behind spending more tax payer money building an outside practice ring when you have the Arena but like I said I’m not a horse person but it would seem like a wash out to me…what would be the purpose?

Do you have someone who has asked for this or is this just something you are throwing out there? And where will that money come from especially when you as a commissioner are telling people to vote no for SPLOST.

The concert idea has been done it was a lot of fun I had a good time but I’m sure everyone who was involved in organizing, planning, and the clean-up afterwards had a huge job. Just call and talk with Chad Brown and David Julien and ask them how hard they work and hours went into that.

While everyone else was sleeping who you think cleaned up all that mess. Did you help with that Commissioner Isenhower? While yes these things are good ideas and great for the community it takes so much more than your suggestions to make something happen.

Crafts with the children is a good idea but considering this is a open Arena you have a lot to consider…tables, chairs, and who is going to buy all the craft stuff is that with tax payers money also and goodness all the clean up on glitter, glue, paint, fabric and all the craft stuff it can be a real mess trust me I have helped at school, girls scouts, church and so on.

As far as children’s events they are a lot of fun but who do you think is at the Back to School bash the night before helping set up or at 6am the morning of the event to help carry drinks, cook, wrap hot dogs, or do any of the other numerous task that Kathy Knowles has to plan to pull such events off with great success.

I’m sure it takes a lot of volunteer’s after everyone leaves to pick up all the small pieces of trash that is left on the Arena floor. Are you there helping? Same thing for the Trunk-a –Treat the Chattahoochee Christmas the Chili Cook off.

I could go on and on about the events I personally have personally attended and don’t recall having seen Commissioner Isenhower involved. Sometime it is easy to sit back and do nothing and then say what you would have done differently or what you would do.

The proof is in the pudding where I come from. If you want to know where your money is getting spent as a tax payer ask. It is called an open records request Commissioner Isenhower can explain to you how to do this. Oh and Randy you should know exactly how this works shame on you, your wife worked as the county finance director for a while.

If you have proof money is being spent incorrectly show us. All I hear is a lot of suggestions, accusations, and slander……

I am a tax payer in Heard County and attend most events and see a lot of good things come of my tax money and I am proud of the facilities my county has worked hard to have, the events my county has worked hard to coordinate, and the county employees my county provides to make events happen.

Last but not least I would like to say “Thank You” to the many volunteers and I hope to see you Commissioner Isenhower working at the next event.

-Jamie Thompson


  1. Shari Wilkins says


    If you read all of my letter then you saw the part that said there was suppose to be a meeting…I didnt go all in to it as its all a waste of time and breath…but just for you I will…we were suppose to have an open meeting where discussion of the arena and usage would be allowed…June wasnt in attendance when that was voted on, so from one week to the next she vetoed it and we were not allowed to have any discussion…and yes I DID attend that meeting…my head is not “in the sand”. I just refuse to waste my time…which I have very little of to spare driving to meetings where you cant actually have any form of discussion to try to get things changed…yes I know what the rule is…and yes I know that all of 2010 the same rule was in place and no one had a problem with it, (as well as 3 months the end of 2009)…this was not a “business” ran event…it was a personal for fun event that quite a few folks liked to come to and WANTED…YES WANTED to pay to get exhibition times and jackpot…the county was not providing it for free, nor providing timers…I purchased the timers and started the practice nights after many had asked me to get something going…so I did and noone had an issue with it and we would still have many folks coming had nothing been changed…June didn’t want any interaction at the meeting and therefore there was none…now if you have suggestions on how to get around that without voicing my opinion elsewhere by all means please do tell…would love to hear it…I have no problem speaking and discussing opinions with anyone. Im sure there are many who agree with me and many who dont. I wouldn’t even have a problem with changing my mind or admitting I was wrong if someone could show me WHY I am…however when there is no discussion thats kind of hard to do…we have tried to follow “the rules” you want to tout so loudly…however the commisioners dont even know what they are voting on half the time…mine told me he didnt know exactly what he voted on when I talked with him after our so called meeting…he just wanted it over as everyone was getting upset…I know facts…and facts are the rules need to be revisited and possibly changed…the arena can be rented “for profit” or any other reason on the weekends…you can even have access to it from as early at 8:00 am to as late as 12:00 am (and probably later at the same fee…it doesnt specify…) Now as you pointed out I DO know how to do math…that is 16 hours for $400, which equates to only $25 per hour…we were only allowed the arena a MAXIMUM of 4 hours…and they want me to go from $100/$25 per hour to $200 which is $50.00 per hour…Now being as I am so good at math, this is twice what you pay on the weekend when it should be obvious to anyone that you have the ability to get a lot bigger crowd as people are generally not working and/or having to get kids home and ready for bed as they are during the week….So what I CANT mathematically figure out is WHY they think they should charge more for a smaller function held during the week than they do hourly for a larger function on the weekend…I mean after all…if you go to a hotel during the week you generally pay less than you would on the weekend…if you go to lunch at a nice restaurant at lunch its generally cheaper than dinner…most employees make less during the week than they would be paid for a 16 hour day on Saturday…WHAT difference should it make if we have a function during the week and pay back and maybe…oh my gosh…how dare I suggest it???…make a little money????? Someone shoot me for thinking there is nothing wrong with that!

    So while I agree with you that because the “rules” say I should pay more for a “for profit” event than just a general practice night…I DO not agree with the wording and think it should be discussed and considered and therefore possibly changed…but there again…June wont let anyone talk at a meeting…and I agree with you that the “rules” say you pay $100 for practice during the week…I do DISAGREE with this amount….I think if $25 per hour on the weekend for the same type event I was holding is acceptable it certainly should be for during the week…I also think that there should and could be other alternatives to renting the arena to make it more accessible….and yes I have many suggestions if anyone cared to listen…and YES I DO know how to promote a function and draw a crowd…quite well in fact and I most definately know how much work it entails…it appears to me by the slights insinuated by you and Stan that you have a problem because I am a business owner and have the “how dare she make money on anything attitude”. I am self employed and I work my butt off and yes some functions I put on I do to MAKE MONEY…and I run my stores to MAKE A PROFIT. I don’t apologize for it in the least but if either of you ever attended any of the practice nights you would know it was a fun competitive thing that we enjoyed…there was no shop signs there or talk of my stores it had nothing whatsover to do with my business that seems to bother the two of you so much….and I see NOTHING wrong with charging an arena fee, nor an exhibition fee to help cover the cost of the arena rental, the timers I paid for and the buckles I gave for awards…it was NOTHING different than the shows held on the weekends…it was just during the week…and the “rules” say its different during the week…therefore change the wording…make the same hourly rate or less…haha! for rentals during the week and get more folks renting the arena so its being USED!!! Otherwise it was a complete and utter waste of a LOT of tax payer money! And I still do think I am right…and will until someone can give me a better reason than…you just dont want to follow the rules or you were promoting your business….its all gotten personal instead of rational…it needs to be looked at from a “business” perspective if they want it to bring in money…not a personal vendetta because someone doesnt agree with my opinion or like me…I have no personal issues with or against anyone other than the fact in order to make a logical decision you need to communicate…which is something that is not being done…and I don’t mean this kind of communication…I mean face to face sitting down like logical adults with the same goal…to make use of a nice facility that is going to waste.

  2. unnone name says

    Shari, your right,
    you have done nothing wrong, No money was made. you gave it back in the 1D 2D 3D 4D winnings.. and then buckles at the end of the year. If anything lost money just so we could have fun. Work our horses and see what kind of time we would have for the big events on the week-ends that where 2000.00 added. As for the man or woman that wants to say hey be at the meeting you did that. June will not let anyone speak out or comment on anything not just the Arena. Russ wanted to use the Old Rec to have a event. That was shot all to — . If your not a GOOD OLD BOY and your not kissing sombody’s — then you can for get it..

    Let just go over a few things .
    1. Sammy gets 100.00 week for doing nothing… Oh taking calls for the arena.

    2. Get a paid cell phone for him and his employee

    3. Sammy makes 12.00 hr if he works at the arena extra. and employee gets comp time.

    One how many events have thier been this month three. no money came in.
    I pay taxes, I pay for my cell phone, why is it that I have to pay for County empolyee’s and Dept Heads to have one that they get to use for personal use and take home. You can put a land line phone in at the arena and Sammy can come in to work or have that empolyee take calls and schedule events. It would cut back on cost.I never worked for anyone that provide a cell phone that was for personal use. You left it at work or it was for work only… Then the arena could be used daily. If your a resident of the County you should be able to use it at any time or have set times. and yes for free. If your out side the County then charge them 10.00 for two hrs per horse.
    I have never seen Sammy work or drive that tractor at any event Oh sorry one. He walks around talking. He making 12.00 hr doing nothing.. I want this Job.
    When this arena was in the work’s it was not for anything but roper’s. Sammy made that clear in the meeting This is my Arena. Did he purchase timers NO!!!!!
    Shar, rented the arena at the end of 2009 for a few months, purchased timers and in 2010 nothing was mentioned about not being able to do it again in 2011 till then. Oh someone didn’t like it. It was for profit. Sammy got a timer at the end of 1010 when for real that should have been purchase at the time the roping stuff was the Arena was going up. My childern would say whatever!!!!! Get for real its June’s way and Sammy’s or the highway…She June has no time to discuss any issues they vote on a dime and thats the way it is.. We the people need fresh blood young and ready to change the County. My Lord Shari you run for office… We need to build up this County, I’m tired of Hardee’s and the same old crap.. This town needs growth or its going under.
    Shari, I believe that you have done your best God will reward you in the end. But for some guilt will be a pay back in the end.. This County need to do like the AG center in Carroll County. Use it for free they have something going one everyday. My child went on a field trip fouth grade from Heard County. just a few weeks ago. (Farm Days)

    Heard County Citizen

    • I agree with the other Horse Citizen of Heard County. Shari didn’t make a profit, what profit was made was paid back out for the jackpot winners. The buckles that was awarded that we the contestants paid for by entering the jackpot. I looked forward to running with some of the better riders, which only helped me to be ready for the big shows, or rodeos for the weekends, that i take my kids to. I have been to a meeting, but there was know reasoning with anyone on the board. So there is no since for me to waste my time. Sammy K. did slip up an called it he’s arena, it’s also funny how the ropers that was coming and renting the arena is not coming anymore. And besides when I have been down there, Steven is the only one that I see working. Sammy K. is walking around and politicing. I for one enjoyed the jackpot night, and don’t understand why we can’t use the arena. Why is it that we’re paying him to answer a phone and book events, when there it’s and event being book. There should be something going on in that arena at least 2 weekends out of the month. I’m just saying……

  3. Cathy Adams says

    I worked the practice nights that Shari had for 12 months-so here is the Math 12X100=$1200.00
    Shari paid the County this much money to rent the Arena. Question how much money has Sammy taken in during the week with his Practice NIghts and his one barrel practice night?
    Answer he had 2 horses show up for Barrel practice and maybe 2 or 3 for his practice night.
    County lost money and he took away an event that was happening once one month and was growing from the first practice night to the last one. Riders came from Franklin, Villa Rica, Carrollton, Douglasville, Alabama, LaGrange, Hogansville, Newnan, Sharpsburg. This event was for kids as well as adults. Shari had both.

    Money taken in was spent on timers, belt buckles, and pay back for the jackpot winners. So what profit did she make? If any very little, she even had to bring the barrels for awhile the county did not have any.

    Not only did barrel racers come, other horse people came just to ride and work horses.

    Recently a Barrel Race was held, 382 riders came to Heard County, before you speak listen there is a need for Barrel Racing in our county.

    Winter is coming, rainning is coming, we will need a place to work our horses with a cover, but we can’t in Heard County. During the winter months this Arena should be open to the public.
    Holidays are coming up Kids out of school great place to go to the Arena work our horses but not in Heard County.

    My thing is if you did not come to practice night, you don’t have a clue to how this works.
    One thing for sure the Million Dollar Arena sits idle. People of Heard County pay the taxes and get no enjoyment out of.

    Cathy Adams

  4. There can be a lot said about the arena and many other facilities in this county, I think maybe I will contact fox 5 I team or someone like that to take a look. Let’s face it, we need a new commission chair and few new commissioners. They don’t like Mrs. Isenhower because she wants change and she calls them out on issues. Let’s face it, heard county is.about who you are and if.your mama daddy grandma grandpa was “somebody”. It’s sad if you ask me. But I’m another one who don’t matter in this county because my mama and daddy arnt well known in the county. I’m looking for change at next election. If June Jackson was smart she would be making plans to find a new job.

  5. bobby donnell says

    After further review…. i am not sure it is anyone that doesn’t ‘like’ mrs. eisenhover, it is the complete mockery she apparently makes each meeting that has completely turned everyone off. As well as all these fake posters that come on this website to support her. It is very odd, that this little town has more town commissioner meeting coverage that any city in the history of this society, and in the end only her kin folk have gone up to that podium and supported anything she has said. and what they say is usually slanderous and unable to be proven. someone is spending a little too much time watching Nancy Grace and perry mason. It is humorous that is for sure, i am not sure why these meetings get so much attention. I realize now, that this person doesn’t care at all for our county, she doesn’t care about making things right, she cares about stirring the pot, and what is silly about it, if she really thought things needed to be changed, she should pay attention to 1 thing at a time and back up what she says with some real data, not made up stories. There is no impact being made to help this county, it is only done to be self serving. there will be a change coming in this district soon enough

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