December 2, 2020

Red Ribbon Week at Heard Elementary School

(Franklin) — Red Ribbon Week was recently held at Heard Elementary School. Red Ribbon Week is observed annually to teach students drug education and prevention and anti-bullying.

Red Ribbon Week is in its second year of Governor Nathan Deal’s Paint Georgia Red Campaign.

Each day, students dressed in fun themed attire such as, “I Have The Power to be Drug Free” and students dressed as their favorite Super Hero.

Two assemblies were held by the Franklin Police Department, Forest Park Police Department, and Heard County Sheriff’s Department reaching almost 700 students.

The highlight for all was a visit from the drug-sniffing canine named Dijlan who demonstrated his job.

HES students at an assembly during Red Ribbon Week

HES students at an assembly during Red Ribbon Week

“We were honored once again, to participate in Red Ribbon Week at Heard County Elementary School. Our goal is to take advantage of every opportunity available to educate the community about the devastating effects of illegal drug use,” Chief Kevin Hannah of the Franklin Police Department stated.

“This program, along with other educational events we are often involved in, allows law enforcement officers to interact with students, while educating them of the importance of making smart decisions and good choices.”

“The time to begin speaking with children about a drug free lifestyle; as well as important safety topics, should begin at an early age. According to Red Ribbon Week educational statistics found on the National Family Partnership’s website; youth who are educated regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use them than those who don’t,” added Chief Hannah.

“Unfortunately, the survey also revealed that only 25% of guardians educate youth on the dangers of illegal drug usage. We as a community, regardless of our role, must work together to ensure that children understand the harmful effects of illegal drug use.”

“I believe that education is one of the keys to prevention. I feel that if we continue to educate our children on the dangers of illegal drugs that we can hopefully prevent dangerous and serious incidents from occurring down the road,” stated Sheriff Ross Henry.

“My staff and I really enjoy coming to the schools, spending time with the children and participating in educational events. I would like to thank the faculty and staff for allowing us to participate in red ribbon week and also thank the students for their participation and exceptional behavior during the program.”

Mart Hyatt, Counselor at HES coordinated the activities and wishes to thank the following for their active participation and teaching valuable lessons to the students: The Franklin Police Department, Chief Kevin Hannah, Officer Nikki Chapman, Corporal Cain Dean, and Corporal William Hannah, Heard County Sheriff’s Department, the Forest Park Police Department, Master Patrol Officer Walter Freeman, and Canine “Dijlan” and HES PTO.

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