January 24, 2022

Registration Deadline for the November General Election

vote 66(Franklin) — This is the last week you can register to vote and still be eligible for the General Election on November 4, 2014.

This year’s election includes the two highly publicized races for Governor and United States Senate, as well as state executive offices and other legislative offices. The registration deadline is Monday October 6, 2014.

Remember that you have multiple opportunities to register to vote. You can register when you renew your driver’s license or state ID card. You can also register at the library or public assistance center.

The Voter Registration Office is open Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, and will remain open during lunch until October 6.

Finally, you may also register to vote online:

1: Go to http://sos.ga.gov/

2: Click the Elections tab at the top of the page

3: Click “Register to Vote”

If you have a current Georgia Driver’s License or ID Card, your application will be processed online. If you do not have a License or ID Card, you may fill out the application and print it out, then mail it to the Voter Registration Office or the Secretary of State. If an application is postmarked on or before October 6, it will be considered as on time for the registration deadline.


Hon. Brian P. Kemp                                                   

Secretary of State                                                            

State of Georgia                                                                

PO Box 105325

Atlanta, GA 30348-9562


Heard County Board of Registrars

P.O. Box 427

Franklin, GA 30217-0427

October 6, 2014 is also the deadline for changes to your name or address. You may submit changes to your name or address by filling out a registration application.

If you are not sure about your registration status, you may check it online by going to the following website and fill in the requested information.


If you have any questions regarding the upcoming elections, please call the Election Superintendent at 706-675-3353 or the Voter Registration Office at 706-675-3907.

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