May 15, 2021

Roanoke Man Charged in Burglary

Mortavius Bryant

A 24-year-old Alabama man, Mortavius Antwan Bryant, was arrested on February 19 by the Heard County Sheriff’s Department and charged with burglary.

Jessica Goode reported to the sheriff’s department that several valuable items had gone missing from her residence on Victory road including a 32″ flat screen television, an X-box 36o, and several video games. Values of the items were estimated to be around $910 total.

According to Heard Co. Sheriff’s Department investigator, Lisa Perry, it was later discovered that the alleged burglar was Bryant who had been involved with Goode for about two weeks.

Apparently Goode had only recently met Bryant through a mutual friend. Perry also reported that Bryant later admitted to taking the items and returned them to Goode.

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