December 2, 2020

Rock Mills Drug Bust

Courtesy of Vanessa Sorrell Burnside and The Randolph Leader

(Rock Mills, AL) — On Thursday, March 2 Randolph County Narcotics Unit had a search warrant to execute on Kenneth Gerson “Mert” Pike, 48, at 9 County Rd. 655, Rock Mills, that agents obtained from District Judge Clay Tinney earlier in the week.

At approximately noon, agent Thomas Traylor with Alabama Game and Fish and agent Larry Clark of Randolph County Narcotics Unit went to the area of County Road 655 and Highway 22 and began surveillance of the property the search warrant was for.

Kenneth (Mert) Gerson Pike (Photo: The Randolph Leader)

Kenneth (Mert) Gerson Pike (Photo: The Randolph Leader)

At around 1:20 p.m., they saw Pike pull up to the property and around the back of the storage building in a black Jeep Wrangler. They watched Pike enter and exit the storage building numerous times and burn some brush near the out building.

At approximately 1:50, they saw two unknown individuals pull up on an ATV, and then a few minutes later, a red Toyota Camry with no tag pulled up with an unknown individual in it.

The Camry was there for approximately only two minutes, and the agents could hear Pike’s voice as he was talking to them. The Camry then left spinning tires headed back towards Rock Mills. A few minutes later the ATV left.

The entry team to execute the search warrant consisted of agent Airis Murphy (RCNU), agent Randy Moore (RCNU), Sgt. Greg Johnson (Randolph County Sheriff’s Office), K-9 deputy Justin Vallia (RCSO), Maj. Greg Dendinger (RCSO), Sgt. Donnie Strain (RCSO), Capt. Donnie Grant (RCSO), investigator James Bailey (Roanoke Police Department) and investigator Lorenzo Foster (RPD).

As the entry team pulled up, Traylor and Clark walked out of the woods and over to the property. Once they had Pike secured, Clark gave him a copy of the search warrant, and they started a search of the property.

Pike was arrested and transported to Randolph County Jail by Vallia. Pike’s total charges were: trafficking methamphetamine (due to it being more than 28 grams), unlawful possession of a controlled substance (Xanax), UPCS (Diazepam), UPCS (Clonazepam), second-degree possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of prescription medications (due to having the prescription bottle with a prescription pill in it not belonging to him).

All evidence was confiscated, photographed, bagged, labeled and transported to Randolph County Narcotics Unit, the controlled pills, marijuana, hash and crystal-like substance, all believed to be methamphetamine that weighed a total of 110.9 grams, will be sent to the Department of Forensic Science for testing.

The jeep that Pike drove up in was also confiscated due to the illegal narcotics in it and driven to the impound lot.

While booking Pike in at the jail, $139 was also confiscated due to the possibility it was profits from drug transactions. Pike was booked and held at the Randolph County Jail on a bond (of all charges together) of $140,000.

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