September 16, 2021

Rocky Horror Supporters Using Social Media in Attempt to Resurrect Cancelled Show

Needless to say the creators, performers, and supporters of the Rocky Horror Show were not happy when the upcoming scheduled production at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center was abruptly cancelled last week.

After seeing a video clip from one of the show’s rehearsals that had been passed around via Facebook, Carrollton Mayor Wayne Garner called off the show which had already been approved by the board of the Arts Center to take place October 27-29.

He told NBC’s 11Alive news of Atlanta that he found the clip to be “very offensive, not in keeping with the community of Carrollton, if you will.”  Garner also added, “I know this community well and if that play were allowed to proceed we’d be run out of town.”

Following the local television coverage, the media began to spread the controversy far and wide as the story was picked up by several national outlets.

Ironically, even though it was Facebook that inadvertently initiated the downfall of the show, many of the performers and associates of the show are now using the über popular social network to try and build support for their cause.

They have started a fan page called I Support Rocky Horror Picture Show Being Performed In Carrollton that has already picked up over 2600 members.

Cody Bradley, one of the show’s performers and a resident of Carroll County, told us that plans are also in the works for The Rocky Horror “Picket” Show which will involve a formal protest at the Carrollton City Hall this Wednesday at 5:00p.m.

Bradley also told us that t-shirts are in the works to support the effort, and that several private fundraisers are also being considered to help breathe new life back into the show that they have already put so much work and energy into producing.

Below is video of an exclusive interview we had with Mr. Bradley last night. Stay tuned to our site as we will be updating any further developments with this story as they happen.

The Citizen interviews a performer from the cancelled Rocky Horror Show from on Vimeo.



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