July 24, 2021

Ron Paul

(Written by Trannon Goble)

My political positions are both complex and simple. Socially, I am pretty much uber-libertarian. I believe in your right to be yourself; do what you want; etc., etc. I don’t support the failed war on drugs, American imperialism, or most laws dealing with personal choices.

I support basic laws such as “Do unto others” and leave the rest to a functioning democracy (which we are not). Let me put it plainly: If you want to be a hobo, rent prostitutes, marry three people and have a house full of guns – more power to ya. As long as you don’t force your positions on others, I support your rights to be you. Now, that we have that out of the way … let’s talk money.

Money is a necessary evil to me. Actually it is rather unnecessary, but we’ll avoid that argument altogether. Money exists, so there.  I am not rich by any means, but I do own what I have. I don’t own any credit cards either.

I don’t complain about paying my taxes because the currency has Caesar’s picture on it. So what. I really wouldn’t mind paying taxes if we could have free quality education, free quality healthcare and good infrastructure. I don’t like paying for us to go half way across the globe to bomb people, start wars, prop up Third World dictators, police the planet and engage in terror for the benefit of transnational corporations.

Obviously, since we are owned by transnational corporations and they are in bed with our government (as their puppet masters), I have no way in which to fight them other than protest and vote. However, all we have been given lately are corporate shills. Is Theodore Roosevelt the last President who wasn’t owned by big business? Or was it FDR? Kennedy? Was Nixon the last environmental president we had? If so, that is sad. I mean NIXON??? Really?

Apparently the Constitution means nothing. The Geneva Conventions mean nothing. International Law means nothing. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which WE signed) means NOTHING. Corporate Imperialism is the rule of the day. There was a word for that once … oh yeah … Mussolini called it “fascism”.

He ought to know … he was a fascist! So, who is out there that is not status quo? Obama? Give me a break! He completely turned his back on progressives as soon as he was sworn in. He has done nothing but continue the status quo and try to bi-partisanship us to death.

There is no bi-partisanship. There is a cultural CIVIL WAR, Barack Obama! You need to realize this. There is no candidate for me, but I have been looking at Ron Paul.

Why? Ron Paul is anti-imperialism. Ron Paul is anti-drug war. Ron Paul is pro-civil liberties. Ron Paul is against the Patriot Act. Ron Paul wants to end war. Yes, he has his faults and there are areas I strongly disagree with him, but there has to be a sacrifice in some areas.

All I know is that he is not status quo and he has positioned himself against the same insane policies we’ve been carrying on for decades. So he isn’t a friend of Medicare and Medicaid (which I strongly support)? Chances of him getting rid of them are very slim for two reasons: 1) Ending the war would be more likely. 2) He even stated he would compromise and use monies gained from ending wars to SUPPORT these programs.

I think he makes sense and on areas where there is disagreement, he would be willing to actually WORK with progressives instead of being a hardliner. Obama has done nothing for us and the GOP sure isn’t going to help us.

So, if I have to make small sacrifices on some of my positions to END American Imperialism; end the Drug War, and take back civil liberties … well … I think I may just do that.


  1. I would so vote for you!!! Too bad you’re not in the running!

  2. Chris Daniel says

    I find it ridiculous that the belief that legalizing illegal drugs would solve the drug problem in the United States. Ok, so let’s say that you do legalize drugs. For one, drug use would increase and so would medical expenses for the people abusing them. Who will pay for all of the unpaid medical expenses, your free health care? I doubt it. The level of abuse would replicate exponentially. All you’re doing is shifting the amount spent on the drug war to the amount spent on medical treatment for idiots. Second of all, you think that legalizing drugs will rid the world of drug cartels? Using high excise taxes to control the distribution of drugs would cause rampant tax evasion, an illegal market. So when you speak of pushing beliefs, I for one do not want to live in a society that just gave up. I do not want to live in a world that baggies of cocaine residue are littered throughout the city. I still want to swim in a river without the fear of being stuck with someone’s hepatitis infected needle. It’s truly the end of society when everyone wants something for free and has no moral strength to protect our future generation. So, yeah, let’s just lie down and die. It’s just too hard to live in this world, huh?

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